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Academic Affairs Newsletter, Week of October 30


A few treats and reminders

1. From the Center for Community Engagement:

Please Encourage Students to Submit Papers for The International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership and Social Change 

The International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership and Social Change has a call for undergraduate student papers.  You can view the Journal at

The Journal is dedicated to providing undergraduate students a venue to discuss their service-learning projects and experiences.  The Journal considers three types of articles:

  1. Articles that discuss the development of a service-learning project and the impact of the project on the community served
  2. A case study of a service-learning project;
  3. A reflection on service-learning and the development of personal leadership.

Each article will be reviewed by selected readers and the member of the editorial board.  To view submission information visit

2. From Faculty Development:

a. Announcing the 2017-2018 Faculty in Residence Appointments:

Faculty in Residence lead Faculty Learning Communities--collaborative cross-disciplinary spaces to explore teaching and research.


b. Workshops, etc.

RSVP for workshops at

Join the November 2017 30-Day Writing Challenge!

You'll sign on to a BlackBoard Organization and be presented with a daily writing prompt to kick start a 15 minute free write. Or you can open the blog feature and write on your own. Participating in a writing challenge is a great way to initiate a daily writing practice or find the accountability and community to complete a project. November is National Novel Writing Month--get inspired to generate a little or a lot of non-fiction prose. Don't let the fiction writers have all the fun!

Sign up: 

In-Class Discussion: Strategies that Work
Wednesday, November 1
10:00-11:30 am
SF 329

This workshop will provide tips for stimulating, guiding, and evaluating student discussions in the classroom.  We’ll try out a few techniques together so that you feel ready to experiment in your next class meeting. 

Presenter: Jessica Weiss, Faculty Development

3. From the Online Campus:

Updated Course Merge Process

The process for course merges has been updated.  Starting 11/01 (Winter 2018 courses), all merged courses will now be populated in Peoplesoft. Faculty requests for course merge will be handled by your department Administrative Assistant. Department Administrative Assistants will be doing the course merge in Peoplesoft and Faculty will no longer need to contact the Online Campus or ITS for a course merge request. Here is the link to the Business Process Guide provided by registrar office: feel free to share that with your department.

Student Assistant or TA taking FERPA?  Here is a link for them to take the FERPA traning: FERPA:

4. From Sarah Taylor: Heip Us Help Students to Succeed

The university received a two-year grant from the Stupski Foundation to support student success (The Pioneers for Hope Learning Framework; PI: Provost Inch; Co-Investigator Sarah Taylor). In Year 1, we will be conducting a needs assessment to understand the multiple and complex factors that support or hinder student success, with a special focus on food insecurity and housing instability. The project has a prevention/early intervention emphasis on those students who may not be accessing the food pantry or other support services on campus, but are experiencing some significant challenges. In Year 2, we will use the results of the needs assessment to develop, pilot, and assess an intervention. The hope is that this project will lead to new and innovative programs and/or policies that can support students at our university and beyond. To ensure that our needs assessment is as comprehensive as possible, we would like to invite you to a strategy session to share your ideas, which will inform the final research design. The sessions will be held on Wednesday, Nov 8 in SA 4350. You can choose to attend at 9:30-11:30 am or 1:30-3:30 pm. Please click here to RSVP. The sessions are open to all members of the campus community.  Please direct any comments or questions about this project to

5. TEXTBOOKS (MORE): Hopefully everyone got their orders in yesterday (!?!)

a. From Aline Soules: More Information About Alternative Learning Solutions (ALS) for you courses

Last week, we emphasized textbook compliance, HEOA requirements about notifying students of the cost of their materials, and Senate Bill 1359 requirements about notifying students of free digital course materials.

This week's textbook reminder is about Assembly Bill 798, the College Textbook Affordability Act, which is accompanied by a grant.  Cal State East Bay has a two-year AB 798 grant to provide incentives to faculty to convert courses to affordable solutions.  We are now in Year Two.  Faculty who are willing to convert courses in winter or spring 2018 and interested in participating in the grant should review the details on the Cal State East Bay Affordable Learning Solutions web page at (click on the AB 798 tab) and contact the Coordinator of Affordable Learning Solutions, Aline Soules, at  There are still some grant moneys available to faculty through the end of this academic year.  

b. Library Makes Electronic Textbooks Available!

Did you know that know that students may have electronic access to your textbook through the Library?  The Library has created a website that addresses the textbooks it buys (in paper) to put on reserve and some that it has purchased electronically that students can access from anywhere.  Please check this out and share with your students:

c. FREE!

Please do let me know if there is no textbook or other materials cost for students to take your class.  So far, I have heard from Professors Inman, Rowley, Nouredini, and Gonsalves (THANK YOU ALL) Please notify me as quickly as you can if you want to join this happy group and receive a coffee card.

ONCE, again, have a great Trick or Treat night.

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