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Space Inventory Project

Campus Community,

The University has retained AssetWorks Inc. to conduct a building space inventory of all interior space on both Hayward and Concord Campuses.  The inventory will begin July 30, 2012 and will continue through September 14. 2012.  AssetWorks staff, who will be identified by an AssetWorks badge, will collect the following information:

1.       The identification of room number.

2.       The measurement of space in each room.

3.       The identification of any changes not existing on current drawings.

4.       The labeling of each space with a unique barcode.

5.       The inventory of all building components in each space.

This space inventory will help provide data for Facilities Development and Operations to measure maintenance needs and verify information in the existing Space and Facilities Database.  The inventory should not disrupt any existing meetings or scheduled classes, as the inventory can be scheduled around most events and should not require more than a few minutes in each room.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the inventory process, please contact:

David Schultz, Director, Facilities Business Operations, 5-2470,

Keat Saw, Director, Planning Design & Construction, 5-3968,

Or contact our office at 5-4444 ext. 1 for assistance.



July 19, 2012

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