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Blow the Whistle on Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

TO:                   All Department Employees

FROM:              Nyassa J. Love, AVP Risk Management & Internal Control

The California State Auditor is your confidential avenue for reporting any type of improper activities by state agencies or employees. It is your responsibility as a government employee to report any type of fraud, waste, or abuse, which ultimately protects scarce budget dollars. Moreover, with the significant influx of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, it is important for you to be alert to any suspected misuse of these funds and report them to the California State Auditor.

If you report an impropriety, you are protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act, which: Requires the State Auditor to protect your identity (except from law enforcement);

Prohibits intimidation, threats, or coercion by state employees that could interfere with your right to disclose improper governmental activities.

In 2010 alone, the State Auditor received 4,203 complaints from state employees and members of the public. Such complaints triggered investigations that have revealed millions of dollars in wasteful spending in recent years, such as:

Two departments wasted $580,000 in state funds by continuing to lease 5,900 square feet of office space that had not been occupied for more than four years.

A department employee misused state time and equipment to teach at a state university and to give presentations for a professional organization during her work hours at a cost to the State of $70,105.

A department supervisor misused the time of two subordinates by assigning them to perform clerical or administrative duties rather than providing direct care to patients, resulting in a loss to the State of $110,797.


You have three ways to confidentially report information to the California State Auditor

Call the Whistleblower Hotline at:


866-293-8729 (TTY)

916-322-2603 (Fax)

Mail information to:

Investigations, Bureau of State Audits


555 Capitol Mall, Suite 300

Sacramento, CA 95814

Submit a complaint online to: (Note: complaints not accepted via email.)

You may also call the California Attorney General’s confidential whistleblower hotlines at (800) 952-5225 or (916) 322-3360.


April 6, 2011

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