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Enrollment Update

Cal State East Bay’s enrollment has grown over the past three years, and our most recent projection is that the University will end this year six percent over the target set by the Office of the Chancellor. Our over-enrollment is a result of an increasing number of new students and an increase in student retention.  As a result, we are most likely to exceed the target again in 2014-15, especially if we do not make other adjustments in managing our enrollment.

The Provost, in consultation with the deans, has recommended to the President that admission to summer state-supported programs be limited to students in currently-approved, cohort-based, post-baccalaureate and graduate programs.  During Summer 2014, courses will be offered to accommodate new and continuing students in these programs.  In addition, the colleges will offer Special Session bottleneck courses and other classes that undergraduates need to complete their degrees.  Other undergraduate courses normally offered during the summer will be moved to the fall, winter and spring quarters. The President has agreed with the recommendations and directed members of cabinet to implement the necessary changes.

Details will be forthcoming as the college deans and academic departments establish the summer schedule, which will go live in the middle of May, at the same time that the fall schedule is published. 


March 11, 2014

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