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LVN-BSN Pathway

The LVN-BSN Pathway is part of the Pre-Licensure Program.  Students apply to the Pre-Licensure Program following the regular application process.  It is offered to any applicant with extensive medical knowledge and/or experience in the following field:  Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).    

Students graduate from this program with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree and are eligible to take the RN license exam.


Students with special studies or experiences may already have achieved the objectives of certain courses and may petition to receive credit after a portfolio and transcript review.  Students can petition for prior learning credit, for the following classes only:

  • Nurs 2022 (2 units) - Level I Nursing Skills
  • Nurs 2031 (2 units) - Care of Adults Practicum
  • Nurs 2042 (1 unit) - Level I Nursing Skills II


If admitted to the Pre-Licensure Program (LVN pathway), the applicant must make an appointment with an advisor. Each applicant’s previous education and work experience will be individually assessed to design an optimal learning program.  

Credit by examination is possible for other Nursing coursework based on portfolio and transcript review.  Proper steps to take this petition action are:

  1. Students interested in the challenge must notify the department no later than 2 weeks prior to the first day of class.  To receive credit under this plan, the student must register for the class the quarter in which it is listed in the catalog.
  2. A petition for credit by examination is obtained from the Nursing Office.  The examination will be administered within the first two weeks of the term. 
  3. If the exam is passed, the grade and Credit By Examination will be indicated on the student’s permanent record. 
  4. If the student fails the examination, the student must complete the course to receive credit.
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