Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism, College of Education and Allied Studies

The Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism prepares students to become professionals in a dynamic, growing and exciting industry, by providing knowledge about the industry, people, and management. Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism:

  • is student-centered
  • has faculty who are friendly and accessible
  • uses former industry professionals as faculty members
  • accommodates students with part-time and full-time jobs
  • is dedicated to graduating students quickly and efficiently

The B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism program focuses on the people skills, problem solving skills and creativity needed to be an excellent hospitality professional. Understanding why people are seeking “the good life” is critical to delivering superior services that bring the guest back for return visits. We want to instill that “can do attitude” that employers are seeking.

Students graduating with a B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism from Cal State East Bay will learn the following skills:

  • know the structure, function and complexity of the hospitality and tourism industry including the economic, cultural and environmental impacts, and how professional services can improve the lives of the people they serve.
  • demonstrate significant knowledge of innovative and creative leadership, management, and evaluation of service quality and consumer needs.
  • be able to clearly articulate (speak and write), ethical, philosophical, historical, current best practices and administrative foundations of our profession.
  • be able to conduct a simple research study in the profession, including a literature review, data collection and analysis, conclusions based on evidence, and providing accurate referencing for all sources.
  • be able to treat all people with dignity and respect while promoting and encouraging individuals, communities and organizations to achieve the highest quality of life.
  • demonstrate awareness of technological advancements and their incorporation in the field of hospitality.

Contact Information

Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
College of Education and Allied Studies
California State University, East Bay
Art and Education Bldg. 246
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542-3095
Tel: 510.885.3043
Dr. Christopher Chamberlain, Department Chair

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