Master of Science in Recreation and Tourism, College of Education and Allied Studies

In our very diverse world, managing organizations is increasingly more complex. A Master's of Science in Recreation and Tourism will provide an in-depth understanding of the fast moving, increasingly complex challenges in the world of recreation. Through the exploration of literature and theories graduates will be better prepared for the world's legal, personal, and ethical dilemmas presented in their work environments.

This program is offered completely online. It will make full use of interactive, online learning activities designed to challenge and inspire growth. Students “come” to ”class” at times when they are ready to learn—not at a specific time in the evening after working all day. It is not a self-paced program. Discussions happen asynchronously. One might log on at 10 p.m. or find a classmate is awake and doing work online at 4 a.m. after his night shift. This way of learning is different. You are not only the receiver of knowledge—you are actively engaged in your own learning. You will be asked not only to absorb information, but also to discover and create knowledge. The role of the instructor is the designer of these learning challenges. This is much more like what happens in the real world of work.

Students graduating with an M.S. in Recreation and Tourism from Cal State East Bay will have the following skills:

  • ability to identify challenges in personnel, program, and logistics areas and use data gathered to make decisions quickly and accurately
  • ability to assess and interpret industry trends, and market conditions as well as know how to lead their employees and organizations to make service improvements
  • ability to thoroughly discuss the theoretical foundations of leisure, hospitality, and tourism and how they work together to increase the quality of people’s lives
  • ability to become exemplary leaders concerned about social justice and dignity for customers, staff, and stakeholders.

Contact Information

Department of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
College of Education and Allied Studies
California State University, East Bay
Art and Education Bldg. 246
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542-3095
Tel: 510.885.3043
Dr. Christopher Chamberlain, Department Chair

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