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Online & Hybrid Support

Hello and welcome! OHSC has joined the Online Campus (Acadmic Affairs) and will continue offer a range of services and resources to support faculty with the transition involved with teaching face-to-face to hybrid and/or fully online courses.

Where are we ?


What do we do ?

  1. Provide support for faculty in the form of workshops, individual consultations and online resources for:
    • online and hybrid course design and development.
    • learning management system technical support.
    • the use of Blackboard for online or hybrid course development.
    • effectively leveraging emerging technologies to enhance learning.
  2. Meet with chairs who plan to offer online programs, degrees, certificates, majors, etc. and schedule meetings, workshops, and priorities for assisting their faculty.
  3. Create and disseminate online, print, and multi-media materials and tutorials that inform faculty about “effective practices” in online and hybrid course design, with an emphasis on materials that meet the requirements of the “Accessible Technology Initiative” for students with disabilities.
  4. Foster a culture of excellence and innovation in online and hybrid instruction.

How to request our services:

For Blackboard related support, please contact us via Email: or Phone: 510-885-2700. For all other inquiries, feel free to stop by, call 510-885-2100 (X52100 on campus), or email and we will contact you directly!

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