IACUC Program Information 

Roles of the CSUEB IACUC
The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at CSUEB promotes and ensures the humane and ethical treatment of animals used in teaching and research by members of the CSUEB community; serves to advise the Institutional Official regarding program requirements; and may recommend program changes. The main responsibilities of the IACUC are to:

  • See that institutional policies are in compliance with applicable federal and state laws regarding the humane care and use of animals in teaching and research.
  • Review proposals for work with animals, approve the work, require modifications to the work, or deny approval or modified proposals before the work is initiated.
  • Seek to inform all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and volunteers using animals at CSUEB about their legal, scientific, and ethical obligations with respect to the care and use of those animals.
  • Help to inform personnel about occupational health and safety hazards posed by working with animals.
  • Oversee the housing provided for animals used in teaching and research through periodic (bi-annual) inspections.
  • Review the institutional program for animal care and use every six months
  • Report findings from program semi-annual reviews and facility inspections to the Institutional Official.
  • Receive and investigate reports of concerns about the care and/or use of animals at CSUEB or associated with CSUEB activities.
Who Must Apply for IACUC Review and Approval at CSUEB?
  • Those conducting experimental work with vertebrate animals.
  • Those conducting field studies with vertebrate animals.
  • Those whose teaching involves research with or observation of animals.
  • Those conducting collaborative research with other institutions, both private and public.
  • Those applying for grants involving animals must receive approval from the IACUC prior to submission of the proposal to the sponsor.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students using vertebrate animals in any capacity.

Federal Regulation and Oversight of Animal Use at CSUEB
Animal Welfare Act:  The Animal Welfare Act applies to all warm-blooded animals in biomedical research except for purpose-bred animals used in agricultural research. Institutions are licensed and must report yearly their animal use and describe their animal care program. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA performs periodic unannounced inspections. CSUEB is a licensed research institution – AWA #A3388-01.

Public Health Service Policy and Health Research Extension Act: 
This federal law applies to all institutions receiving animal research funds from the Public Health Service, including NIH, CDC, and FDA. It applies to all vertebrate species. Institutions must either have AAALAC International accreditation or have an NIH Assurance Statement on file at the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW/NIH). Animal care and use facilities must be built and operate in compliance with the recommendations of the ILAR "Guide.” Institutions are required to submit yearly reports on their animal care program. CSUEB is currently operating under NIH Assurance Status.

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