You must submit a protocol and consent form, as well as supporting documentation for your research project. This section contains templates of all the forms you may need to submit, and descriptions of when you need to submit them.

IMPORTANT: Please delete italicized directions before turning in. Use a 12-point font. See “Before You Begin.” Refer to “Tips for Writing.”

Protocol Approval Form 
All research protocols submitted to the Institutional Review Board must use this form.  If you are a student researcher, please ensure that your advisor signs the form.  
Download in [Word]

Protocol Template  
All student research protocols submitted to the IRB must follow this protocol format. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the template but may also submit free-form protocols.
Example in [Word]

Informed Consent/Assent Templates:
The IRB suggests the following protocol format for consent forms. Example in [Word]

Parental Consent
Use this when your subjects are under the age of 18. If your subjects are between the ages of 6-18, you will also need a Minor Assent Form. View examples in [Word

NOTE: Before downloading this form, read the Guidelines for Obtaining Minor Assent.

Minor Assent to Participate in Research

Use this when your subjects are between the ages of 6 and 18. Read the Guidelines for Obtaining Minor Assent which include samples. You will also need to supply a Parental Permission to Participate in Research with forms found [here].

Implied Consent for Surveys
Use this when you are conducting a non-sensitive survey of non-vulnerable adults. Example in [Word]

Verbal Consent Form
You might use this when conducting phone interviews. The subject will not sign this form. You will read it aloud to the subject. Example in [Word]

Witness/Translator Consents Form
Use this form for subjects who do not speak or read English (the alternative, and preferred method, is to translate an Informed Consent form into the subjects' native language). You will read it aloud to the subject and the witness/translator will verify that the subject understands. Example in [Word]

Focus Group Consent Form
Add this paragraph under “Risks” in the informed consent when you are conducting research where subjects will be involved in group discussions or focus groups. Example in [Word]

If you are recruiting subjects through a teacher, department, organization or agency, or if you are conducting research in the classroom, or at a business, organization or agency, provide the IRB office with a letter of permission to recruit and/or conduct research. Please make sure the letters are signed and on the organization’s letterhead, if possible. Emailed versions are accepted on a case-by case basis. Example in [Word].

Recruiting Script
Example in [Word]

Photo Release
Use only the elements that apply to your research. Example in [Word

Video Release
Use only the elements that apply to your research. Example in [Word

Continuing / Modifying Research:
Use this form to request continuation of your IRB approval when that period (typically 1 year) expires.  Please answer all questions. We do require a brief description of your research up to this point.  Please submit your request for continuation 2-4 weeks before your approval expires. [Word]

Modifications Form
If you would like to modify aspects of your research project, please submit the following form to request approval of the modifications.  Please answer all questions. [Word

Completion of Research
Fill out and email this form when you have completed your research. Example in [Word

Adverse Events & Protocol Deviation/Violation:
Serious and Significant adverse events must be reported to the IRB as soon as possible for the protection of the participant, but within at least 5 working days using the Serious/Significant Adverse Event Report Form, available in [Word]. 

Deviation Report Form
Deviations from the approved protocol that have already occurred and breaches of scientific integrity and ethics on the part of the researchers should be reported on the Deviation/Violation Report form, available in [Word]. 

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