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Selected Faculty Publications

Dee E. Andrews, History

Co-authored with Lapsansky-Werner, E. (2014). Thomas Clarkson’s Quaker triology: Abolitionist narrative as transformative history.
In B. Carey & G. Plank (Eds.), Quakers and abolition. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Matthew Atencio, Kinesiology

Co-authored with McEvilly, N., Verheul, M., & Jess, M. (2013). Understanding the rationale for preschool physical education: Implications for
practitioners’ and children’s embodied practices and subjectivity formation. Sport, Education and Society, 18(6), 731-748.

Co-authored with Elliot, D. L., Campbell, T., & Jess, M. (2013). From PE experiences to PE teaching practices? Insights from Scottish primary
teachers’ experiences of PE, teacher education, school entry and professional development. Sport, Education and Society, 18(6), 749-766.

Co-authored with McEvilly, N., Verheul, M., & Jess, M. (2014). Physical education for health and wellbeing: A discourse analysis of Scottish physical
education curricular documentation. Discourse: Studies in Cultural Politics of Education, 5(2), 278-293.

Co-authored with Saito, E. (2014). Conceptualising teacher practice and pupil group learning through developmental stages and integration factors.
Policy Futures in Education, 12(4), 558-571.

Co-authored with Saito, E. (2014). Group learning as relational economic activity. Educational Review, 66(1) , 96-107.

Co-authored with Saito, E. (2014). Lesson study for learning community (LSLC): Conceptualising teachers’ practices within a social justice
perspective. Discourse: Studies in Cultural Politics of Education.

Co-authored with Chow, J. Y. (2014). Complex and nonlinear pedagogy and the implications for Physical Education. Sport Education and Society, 19(8), 1034- 1054.

Co-authored with Tan, Y. S. M., Ho, S., & Ching C. T. (2014). The place and approach of outdoor learning within an emerging holistic curricular
agenda: Development of Outdoor Education practice in Singapore. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.

Co-authored with Chow, J. Y., Tan, W. K. C., & Lee, C. Y. M. (2014). Using complex and nonlinear pedagogical approaches to design practical game
lessons in PE. European Physical Education Review, 20(2), 244-263.

Co-authored with McEvilly, N., & Verheul, M. (2014). Physical education at preschools: Practitioners’ and children’s engagements with physical
activity and health discourses. British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Eileen Barrett, English

Indecency: Jacob's Room, modernist homosexuality, and the culture of war. (2014). In J. Dubino, G. Lowe, V. Neverow, & K. Simpson (Eds.),
Virginia Woolf: Twenty-first-century approaches. Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh University Press.

Scott Bentley, English

circus circus. (2013). Fact-simile. Equinox Tinysides.

Pro-Noun per Voice en Trapeze. (2013). In A. Herman (Ed.), The Body Electric (pp. 100-106). Ars Omnia Press.

All Around Noise: Studies in framing, synecdoche and juxtaposition. (2014). Cariuna.

Group exhibition of images from All Around Noise in Framing the World. (2014). Accident and Artifact, San Francisco, CA.

Pro-Noun per Voice en Trapeze. (2014). In  C. Queen, J. Cross, & A. Butcher (Eds.), Sex still spoken here (pp. 91-102). Center for Sex & Culture Press at Smashwords.

Against Force (14). (2014). nin, 1(3).

Tom Bickley, University Libraries

Performance at Sonic Experience 2014. (2014, December 20-21). Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.

Performances with Multimedia Consort. (2014, October 8-10). Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA; The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA;
Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley, CA.

Performance with Nancy Beckman, Contemplative music for Shakuhachi and recorder. (2014, May 27). Findhorn, Scotland.

Benjamin P. Bowser, Sociology and Social Services

Co-edited with Paul Lovejoy (Eds.). (2013). The transatlantic slave trade and slavery: New directions in teaching and learning. Trenton, N.J.: Africa World Press.

Co-authored with Word, C. & Seddon, T. (2014). Understanding drug use and abuse: A global perspective. London: Palgrave-MacMillan.

Co-authored with Word, C. (2014). Racial health disparities in four Latin American and Caribbean cities: Analyses of the Survey on Health, Well-
Being, and Aging in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2000. In T.A. LaVeist (Ed.), Legacy of the crossing: Life, death and triumph among
descendants of the
world's greatest forced migration. Baltimore, MD: Claybridge Media.

Co-authored with Word, C.O., Fullilove, R.E., & Fullilove, M.T. (2014). Post-script to the crack epidemic and its links to HIV. Journal of Equity in
Health, 3
(1), 45-54.

Jeffra Bussmann, University Libraries

Co-authored with Plovnick, C. E. (2013). Review, revise, and (re)release: Updating an information literacy tutorial to embed a science information life
cycle. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 74.

Jacqueline Doyle, English

Doorbells. (2013). South Loop Review, 15.

Kaleidoscope for Maddy. (2014). Cold Mountain Review.

Mary Magdalene’s Tibia. (2014). Southern Humanities Review, 48(2).

Doris Duncan, Accounting and Finance

Information technology in Tunisian higher education: A Fulbright Scholar's experience. (2013). Journal of Applied Global Research, 6(18), 56.

Co-authored with C. C. Barczyk. (2014). Facebook in higher education: Contributions to sense of learning and sense of connectedness.
Journal of West East Institute Business and Economics, 3(1), 1-11.

Co-authored with C. C. Barczyk. (2014). The Facebook effect in university courses: Sense of classroom community.
Proceedings of the International Association of Business and Public Administration Conference.

Jennifer Eagan, Philosophy

Withholding the red ink: Occupy, Foucault, and the administration of bodies. (2014). Administrative Theory & Praxis, 36(2), 240-258.

Tyler Evans, Biological Sciences

Co-authored with Watson-Wynn, P. (2014). Effects of seawater acidification on gene expression: Resolving broader-scale trends in sea urchins. Biological Bulletin, 226(3), 237-254.

Tyler Evans CSUEB Online Faculty Poster Thumbnail

Ann Fajilan, Theatre & Dance

Ann. (2014). In E. C. Buell, E. Lozada, E. H. Luis, E. Luluquisen, T. Robles, & M. Ziálcita (Eds.), Beyond lumpia, pansit and seven manangs wild. Berkeley, CA: Eastwind Books of Berkeley.

Patrick E. Fleming, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dissociation of the ethyl radical: An exercise in computational chemistry. (2014).  Journal of Chemical Education, 91(8), 1248-1253.

Karina Garbesi, Anthropology, Geography, & Environmental Studies

Co-authored with Vosos, V., & Shen, H. (2014). Energy savings from direct-DC in U.S. residential buildings. Energy and Buildings, 68, 223-231.

Michael P. Groziak, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Co-authored with Kanichar, D., Roppiyakuda, L, Kosmowska, E., Faust, M. A., Tran, K. P., Chow, F., … Xu, H. H. (2014). Synthesis, characterization,
and antibacterial activity of structurally complex 2-Acylated 2,3,1-Benzodiazaborines and related compounds. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 11(9), 1381-1397.

Stephen Gutierrez, English

Walter is Ugly! (2013). Catamaran Literary Reader, 1(4), 73-82.

El Crow. (2014). Alaska Quarterly Review, 31(1/2).

The Mexican man in his backyard: Stories & essays. (2014). Sacramento, CA: Roan Press.

Michael S. Hedrick, Biological Sciences

Co-authored with Kohl, Z. F., & Hillman, S. S. (2013). Separating the contributions of vascular anatomy and blood viscosity to peripheral
resistance and the physiological implications of interspecific resistance variation in amphibians. Journal of Comparative Physiology B, 183, 921-932.

Co-authored with Burggren, W. W., Christoffels, V. M., Crossley II, D. A., Enok, S., Farrell, A. P., Hicks, J. W., … Wang, T. (2014).
Comparative cardiovascular physiology: Future trends, opportunities and challenges. Acta Physiologica, 210, 257-276.

Co-authored with Hillman, S. S., Drewes, R. C., & Hancock, T. V. (2014). Physiological vagility: Correlations with dispersal and population genetic
structure of amphibians. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 87, 105-112.

Co-authored with Turesson, J., Sundin, L, & Burleson, M. L. (2014). Brainstem mechanisms controlling cardiovascular reflexes in channel catfish.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A, 170, 1-5.

Co-authored with Withers, P. C., Drewes, R. C., & Hillman, S. S. (2014). Pulmonary compliance and lung volume are related to terrestriality in
anuran amphibians. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 87, 374-383.

Co-authored with Buckley, B. A., & Hillman, S. S. (2014). Cardiovascular oxygen transport limitations to thermal niche expansion
and environmental PO2 in Antarctic notothenioid fishes. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 87, 499-506.

Co-authored with Marschand, R. E., Wilson, J. L., Burleson, M. L., & Crossley II, D. A. (2014). Effects of prolonged lung inflation or deflation on
pulmonary stretch receptor discharge in the alligator (Alligator mississippiensis). Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology, 200, 25-32.

Co-authored with Hillman, S. S., & Kohl, Z. F. (2014). Net cardiac shunts in anuran amphibians: Physiology or physics? Journal of Experimental Biology, 217, 2844-2847.

Co-authored with Hansen, K., Wang, T., Lauridsen, H., Thygesen, J., & Pedersen, M. (2014). Visualising lymph movement in anuran amphibians with
computed tomography. Journal of Experimental Biology, 217, 2990-2993.

Co-authored with Hillman, S. S., Drewes, R. C., & Hancock, T. V. (2014). Physiological vagility and its relationship to dispersal and neutral genetic
heterogeneity in vertebrates. Journal of Experimental Biology, 217, 3356-3364.

Shubha Kashinath, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Co-authored with Coston, J., & Woods, J. (2014). Reflecting on the early interventionist’s ROLE using a logic model approach. Young Exceptional Children, 1-16.

Co-authored with Peraman, A., & Canales, A. (in press). Using technology to facilitate authentic assessment of bilingual preschool children.
Perspectives on Communication Disorders and Sciences in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Populations.

Christopher Kitting, Biological Sciences

Limited genetic variability in Cornu aspersum (=Helix aspersa), historically introduced brown garden snails, at nearby and distant sites around San
Francisco Bay. (2014). Western Society of Malacologists Annual Report, 45.

Rita Liberti, Kinesiology

Test of time: Coming on [and staying] strong: Gender and sexuality in twentieth-century women’s sport. (2013). Journal of Sport History, 40(2) , 297-307.

“As girls see it”: Writing sport on the margins of the black press. (2014). In. J. L. Conyers, Jr. (Ed.), Race in American sports: Essays (pp.5-20). Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

Penny McCullagh, Kinesiology

Co-authored with Ste-Marie, D., & Law, B. (2014). Modeling: Is what you see, what you get? In J.L. Van Raalte, & B.W. Brewer (Eds.),
Exploring sport and exercise psychology (3nd ed.) (pp. 139-162). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Co-authored with Noble, J.M.,&  Portenga, S. (2014). Education for sport and exercise psychology. In  J.L. Van Raalte, & B.W. Brewer (Eds.),
Exploring sport and exercise psychology (3nd ed.) (pp. 453-466). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Jule McNamara, Teacher Education

Beyond invert and multiply: Making sense of fraction computation. (2015). Math Solutions.

Co-authored with Shaughnessy, M. M. (2015). Beyond pizzas and pies: 10 essential strategies for supporting fraction sense (2nd ed.). Math Solutions.

Nidhi Mahendra, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Dementia: From concept to clinical practice. (2014). In M. Kimbarow (Ed.), Cognitive-communication disorders (pp. 187-2016). San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing.

Co-authored with Namazi, M. (2014). Becoming bilingual. The ASHA Leader, 19, 40-44.

Co-authored with Spicer, J. (2014). Access to speech-language pathology services for African-American clients with aphasia: A qualitative study.
Perspectives on Communication Disorders in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations, 21 (2), 53-62.

Mike Massey, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Co-authored with Lezama-Pacheco, J. S., Jones, M. E., Ilton, E. S., Cerrato, J. M., Bargar, J. R., & Fendorf, S. (2014).
Competing retention pathways of uranium upon reaction with Fe(II). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 142, 166-185.

Co-authored with Lezama-Pacheco, J. S., Nelson, J. M., Fendorf, S., & Maher, K. (2014). Uranium incorporation into amorphous silica. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(15), 8636-8644.

Co-authored with Lezama-Pacheco, J. S., Michel, F. M., & Fendorf, S. (2014). Uranium incorporation into aluminum-substituted
ferrihydrite during iron (II)-induced transformation. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 16, 2137-2144.

Christopher Moreman, Philosophy

Co-edited with Lewis, A. D. (2014). Digital death: Mortality and beyond in the online age. United States: Praeger.

On the relationship between birds and spirits of the dead (2014). Society & Animals, 22(5), 481-502.

Co-authored with Fugazzola, C. (2014). Shugendō and The Shining: Liminal space and religious experience in the work of Stanley Kubrick.
Symposia: The Journal of the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto, 6, 75-93.

Stephen J. Morewitz, Nursing & Health Sciences

Co-edited with M. L. Goldstein. (2014). Handbook of forensic sociology and psychology. New York: Springer Science and Business Media, LLC.

Grace Munakata, Art

Group exhibition at Art Miami. (2013). International Contemporary and Modern Art Fair, Miami, FL.

Solo exhibition of paintings. (2014). Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Group exhibition at 2014artMRKT. (2014). Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

Group exhibition at *EXPO Chicago. (2014). Festival Pavilion, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL.

James Murray, Biological Sciences

Co-authored with Sumner-Rooney, L. H., Cain, S. D., & Sigvart, J. D. (2014). Do chitons have a compass? Evidence for magnetic sensitivity in Polyplacophora. Journal of Natural History, 48, 3033-3045.

Richard Olmsted, Theatre and Dance

Scenic design for Aurora Theatre Co. production of A Bright New Boise, by Samuel D. Hunter; directed by Tom Ross. (2014). Berkeley, CA.

Scenic design for Aurora Theatre Co. production of Fifth of July, by Lanford Wilson; directed by Tom Ross. (2015). Berkeley, CA.

Bradley Porfilio, Educational Leadership

Co-authored with Gorlewski, J. (2013). Reimagining solidarity: Hip hop as revolutionary pedagogy. Work and Days 61/62, 31, 59-82.

Co-edited with P. Thomas, J. Gorlewski, & P. R. Carr (Eds.). (2014). Social context reform: A pedagogy of equity and opportunity. New York: Routledge.

Co-edited with J. A. Gorlewski, D. A. Gorlewski, & J. Hopkins (Eds.). (2014). Effective or wise?: Teaching and the meaning of professional dispositions in education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc.

Co-edited with D. Roychoudhury & L. M. Gardner (Eds.). (2014). See you at the crossroads: Hip hop scholarships at the intersections:
Dialectical harmony, ethics, aesthetics, and panoply of voices. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

The war on dignity: Hip-hop youth read schools the riot act. (2014). In J. Hall (Ed.), Underprivileged school children and the assault on dignity: Policy challenges and resistance (pp. 192-207). New York: Routledge.

Co-authored with Gorlewski, J., & Gorlewski, D. (2014). Beyond bullies and victims: Using case story analysis and Freirean insight to address academic mobbing. Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor, 24, 9-18.

Gretchen Reevy, Psychology

Co-authored with Deason, G. (2014). Predictors of depression, stress, and
anxiety among non-tenure-track faculty. Frontiers in Psychology, 5.

Co-authored with Delgado, M. M. (2014). Are emotionally attached companion animal caregivers conscientious and neurotic? Factors that affect the human- companion animal relationship. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 17.  

Co-authored with Chamberlain, C., & Stein, J. (2014). Identifying collaboration, teamwork, and leadership practices on campus. Currents in Teaching and Learning, 6(1), 4-17.

Dore’ Ripley, English

Going APE on the West Coast. (2013, October 22). Graphic Novel Reporter.

Gotham City moves west. (2013, November 16). Graphic Novel Reporter.

The birth of a con: East Bay Comic Con is a huge success. (2014, February 19). Graphic Novel Reporter.

Comic advice for comic students: Thien Pham and Joe Field. (2014, March 18). Graphic Novel Reporter

Kraken-Con: The cutest convention ever! (2014, April 7). Graphic Novel Reporter.

Big wow! ComicFest 2014. (2014, May 21). Graphic Novel Reporter.

Gareth Scott, University Libraries

Performed the role of Snow King and Cavalier in Napa Regional Dance Company's production of The Nutcracker. (2013). Lincoln Theater, Napa, CA.

Aline Soules, University Libraries

California State University, East Bay. (2013). In R. M. Cordell (Ed.), Library reference services and information literacy: Models for academic institutions (pp. 134 -152). Hershey, PA: IGI: Global.

Collections, selection, access: What next? (2014). New Library World, 115(5/6), 263-271.

Evening sun: Poems of widowhood. (2014). Andrew Benzie Books.

Co-authored with Golomb, L., Kelly, J. R., & Chen, B. (2014). Navigating the MLA Bibliography-redux: Performance across vendor platforms and
discovery tools.  Journal of Library Administration, 54(4), 107-126.

Co-authored with Nielsen, S., LeDuc, D., Inouye, C.,  Singley, J., Wildy, E., &  Seitz, J. (2014). Embedding multiple literacies into STEM curricula. College Teaching, 62(4), 121-128.

Co-authored with White, N., Formo, D., Chen, J., & Rivera, K. (2014). Faculty-to-faculty mentoring through writing communities. In N. Dominguez &
Y. Gandert (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Mentoring Conference, Developmental Networks:
Mentoring & Coaching at Work
(pp. 175- 178). Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico.

Sarah Taylor, Social Work

Co-authored with Conley Wright, A. (2014). Advocacy by parents of young children with special needs: Activities, processes, and perceived effectiveness. Journal of Social Service Research, 40, 591-605.

Co-authored with Carnochan, S., Pascual, G., & Austin, M. J. (2014). Employer-employee relationships in subsidized employment programs: The role of soft skills. Families in Society, 95(3), 187-194.

William Thibault, Computer Science

IRL carpet. (2015). Gray Area Theatre, San Francisco, CA.

Diana K. Wakimoto, University Libraries

Co-authored with Bruce, C. S. (2014). Academic librarians’ varying experiences of archives: A phenomenographic study. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 40(5), 452-459.

Co-authored with Lewis, R. E. (2014). Graduate student perceptions of eportfolios: Uses for reflection, development, and assessment. Internet & Higher Education, 21, 53-58.

Jiming Wu, Management

Co-authored with Holsapple, C. W. (2014). Imaginal and emotional experiences in pleasure-oriented IT usage: A hedonic consumption perspective. Information & Management, 51(1), 80-92.

Customer satisfaction in the context of online gaming service: The hedonic experience factor. (2014). International Journal of Business Analytics, 1(3), 63-80.

Jiaofei Zhong, Mathematics & Computer Science

Co-authored with Wu, W., Gao, X., Shi, Y., & Yue, X. (2014). Evaluation and comparison of various indexing schemes in single-channel broadcast
communication environment. Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal, 40(2), 375-409.

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