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MPA/MS-HCA Survival Tips

  • DO ask questions when you're not sure about something! The Department is here to help. Go to our contact page for contact information and hours. Email is a great way to contact us!
  • DO remember to always include your NET ID when contacting the Department! Often times we cannot locate your student record without it!
  • DO check your University Horizon email account frequently! This is the only way the University and the Department has of contacting you by email. All important notices and announcements are sent to your University email account. You must remember to check this account on a regular basis or you will miss important emails!
  • DO use BlackBoard to check for news about your classes and general MPA program information. All MPA majors are automatically enrolled in the "Public Administration Majors" group under "My Organizations". All MS-HCA majors are automatically enrolled in the "Health Care Administration Majors" group under "My Organizations". The Department posts announcements, internships, job opportunities, etc. here.
  • DO take all of the Foundation courses first before taking most of the 6000 level courses. MPA students may take PUAD 6801 with 5000 and MS-HCA students may only enroll in 6000 level elective courses. You must be admitted to the MPA or MS-HCA program before you will be allowed to take 6000 level courses.
  • DO complete all of the University requirements to satisfy the Writing Skills Test (if required) before enrolling in any 6000 level courses. Contact the University Testing Office at 510 885-3661 for more information. In addition, you will not be able to file for graduation until this requirement has been met.
  • DO review all the required prerequisites for the courses that you want to take before contacting the Department for permission numbers. These prereqs can be found in the online catalog. If you have not taken the required prerequisite(s), you will not be allowed to take the course. Also, you cannot take a prerequisite for a course at the same time you want to take the course.
  • DO remember that taking 2 courses (8 units) per quarter is considered "full-time" for a grad student.
  • DO consult with your Faculty Advisor if you have any questions about which option area is right for you or other MPA program questions. Prof. Michael Moon,, is the Graduate Coordinator for the MPA program and Prof. Toni Fogarty,, is the Graduate Coordinator for the MS-HCA program. 
  • DO watch the University web site for important dates and deadlines for paying fees, adding or dropping courses, withdrawals, filing for graduation, etc. Many of these deadlines are not negotiable with the University. You are responsible for meeting the deadlines.
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