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Direct Deposit


The Direct Deposit program is a convenient method to automatically deposit all of your net earnings into the financial institution of your choice. Once you enroll, all your payments, including supplemental payments such as overtime, awards/bonuses, etc., are transferred to your financial institution.

Direct Deposit is available to the following employees:

  • All Unit 3 (CFA) Faculty including Coaches, Lecturers, Student Services Professionals, and
  • Staff in all collective bargaining agreements who have a probationary or permanent appointment
  • Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Administrators
  • Student Assistants

To Enroll in Direct Deposit, complete and return the Direct Deposit Form to Payroll Services. It generally takes 30-45 days for the Direct Deposit to be established through the Office of the State Controller.

Direct Deposit Posting Dates

Below is a schedule on which your 2018 payment is released to your financial institution for posting to your account.

While most financial institutions post funds to accounts at the beginning of the banking business day, this is not a universal practice. We recommend you consult with your financial institution to determine when your funds will be available.

Direct Deposit Schedule for 2018
Pay Period "Paper" Pay Day Direct Deposit Posting Day
January 2018 01/30/18 01/31/18
February 2018 02/28/18 03/01/18
March 2018 03/30/18 04/02/18
April 2018 04/30/18 05/01/18
May 2018 05/30/18 05/31/18
June 2018 06/29/18 07/02/18
July 2018 07/31/18 08/01/18
August 2018 08/30/18 08/31/18
September 2018 09/28/18 10/01/18
October 2018 10/30/18 10/31/18
November 2018 11/29/18 11/30/18
December 2018 12/31/18 01/02/19
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