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Selecting an Advisor

This website is not intended to take the place of seeing a faculty advisor. If you're a Psychology major, you should see a faculty advisor early in your career to make sure you're on the right track even if you think you have everything well in hand.

At any point in your career you can get advice from your faculty advisor about course requirements in the programs offered by the department, transferring courses into programs offered by the department, selection of a degree program, interpreting requirements for graduation, making career plans, getting into grad school, and other areas.

Students needing assistance with General Education requirements and other non-major graduation requirements should go to Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) in the Students Services & Administration Building (SA).

Psychology students may select any tenured or tenure-track professor (but not lecturer) as a faculty advisor. Brief biographies can help you select a professor with interests similar to yours. Select an advisor simply by dropping in or calling during office hours, or sending an e-mail message. Phone numbers, offices, and e-mail addresses are listed on the office hours. Faculty members will schedule appointments outside their regular office hours if you contact them directly; the Psychology Department staff cannot make appointments for you. The Department Chair handles only special problems in advising.

You are required to see an advisor only once, two quarters before you graduate, in order to complete a "graduation check." But do see an advisor long before that.

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