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Advising Tips for Concord Students

  • The only complete program at the Concord Campus is the B.A degree. Students can complete some of the B.S. requirements met at the Concord Campus, but not all of them.
  • Students should consult the Psychology schedule for the whole year before choosing courses. Usually the Concord Campus academic advisors know what the tentative annual schedule of psychology classes will be by the end of spring quarter.
  • Students must take Statistics 1000 and 3010 and Psyc 2020 and 3100 in a timely fashion. Note that Psyc 2020, Stat 1000, and Stat 3010 are the prerequisites for Psyc 3100, and Psyc 3100 is the prerequisite for the advanced 480x labs. Students lacking prerequisites will be dropped from lab classes. Stat 1000 is not offered at the Concord Campus, but equivalent courses can be taken at community colleges.
  • Academic advising by telephone is available during the office hours of faculty members at the Hayward campus or at the Concord Campus.
  • Roadmap for the Psychology B.A. at the Concord Campus.
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