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Selecting Your Catalog

To graduate, you must meet ALL the requirements for graduation listed in your University catalog. That includes both the requirements in your major program AND other requirements, such as General Education requirements, total number of units, grade-point average, etc. (If this website disagrees with the catalog, the catalog is correct.)

You may use the catalog from any year during which you have been in continuous attendance at either a California community college or a CSU campus, AND have not changed majors. Continuous attendance is defined as being enrolled at least two quarters each calendar year. If you broke attendance, you must use the more recent catalog. If you change majors, you must use the more recent catalog for your major, but may use the older catalog for other requirements. You may change from the B. A. to the B. S. degree in psychology, or vice versa, without switching catalogs.

Catalogs are here.You may also purchase this year's catalog at the Bookstore. Older catalogs are available in the library.

Grad Check

You must file a grad check and a "Declaration of Degree Candidacy" form before the end of the Add period of the quarter before the quarter of graduation (for example, you would file near the beginning of January for a June graduation). Start this procedure in the Psychology Department Office. Ask the Departmental staff for a "Grad Check" form early (e.g., in your junior year) and keep track of your progress toward your degree. In your senior year, complete the form and have your adviser review it. Your adviser will sign it and send it to the Records Office about five months before you are scheduled to graduate. When you file the "Declaration of Degree Candidacy" form you will be required to pay money.

"The Walk"

Psychology majors attend the Science Commencement. If you want to, you may invite guests to the Commencement Ceremony, walk across the stage, and have your name announced, before you have completed all your course requirements. It's really o.k.

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