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When to take different courses

Courses to take at community college, or in your first years at CSUEB:

  • General Psychology (Psyc 1000 or equivalent)
  • Methods of Investigation in Psychology (Psyc 2020)
  • Introductory Statistics (Stat 1000 or equivalent)
  • Students planning to complete the B. A. major should also take Introduction to Biology with a lab (Biol 1001 and Biol 1002 or equivalent)

Community college courses other than the above four may transfer to the University for credit, but do not usually meet the requirements for any program in Psychology.

The one course sequence to worry about:

  • After completing Introductory Statistics (Stat 1000), take Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences (Stat 3010).
  • After completing Psyc 2020 and Stat 3010, you are ready for Experimental Psychology (Psyc 3100).
  • Only after completing Psyc 3100 are you ready for the Psyc 4800 series of advanced labs, of which you must take two. It's best not to take two 4800 labs in one quarter.

A good plan is to take Stat 1000 and Psyc 2020 no later than the first quarter of your junior year. Take Stat 3010 the following quarter, and Psyc 3100 the quarter after that. Then take one 4800 lab, and then another, for five quarters in all.

Infrequently offered courses

It's important to take infrequently offered courses that you need to complete your program at your first opportunity. Courses are not offered every quarter, especially on the Concord Campus and at night. Some courses are never offered at the Concord Campus or at night. Some of the least frequently offered courses that students need are Psyc 3400, Psyc 3250, and Psyc 4500. If you want or need these courses, sign up when you see them, and don't drop them.

As you approach graduation, check in the departments offering courses you still need to see when they will offer them. The complete schedule for the following year is usually known by the end of the preceding Spring Quarter. Fewer courses are available in the Summer than during other quarters

Take other required courses at any time

All upper division psychology courses are open to any student who has the required prerequisites, including freshmen and sophomores. Take required upper division courses throughout your career. But do check the prerequisites in the university catalog before registering./

Courses that will NOT count toward the major

Almost all upper division (3xxx and 4xxx) psychology classes can be counted toward "Elective" requirements in the programs. There are a few exceptions, which are indicated in the catalog as "not applicable to Psychology programs." Although they are valuable courses, we do NOT allow the following psychology courses to meet elective requirements in the major: Psyc 1350 (Personal Growth), Psyc 3300 (Essential Life Issues), Psyc 3410 (Psychology of Women), and Psyc 3413 (Psychic Phenomena). Psyc 4430 (Fieldwork in Community Psychology) can be counted in the Ergonomics and Human Factors Option, but not in the other programs.

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