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RAW Records

RAW Records is a week of fitness challenges that enable you to track your fitnss progress throughout your entire college career.  We encourage you to choose the challenges you most value and train in order to beat your record the following quarter. Those who are interested, may choose to engage in a fun recreational competition for the top males and females in each challenge. If you want some ideas on how to train, check out our Personal Training and Group Fitness programs.

Upcoming RAW Record Dates

  • April 25-29

Fitness Challenges

  • Push Ups: Number of consecutive push ups done without stopping
  • Pull Ups: Number of consecutive pull ups one without stopping
  • Burpees: Number of consecutive burpees one without stopping
  • Squats: Percentage of your bodyweight you can squat
  • Bench Press: Percentage of your bodywdight you can bench press
  • 500 m Row: How fast you can complete a 500 m row
  • 1 mile Run: How fast you can complete a 1 mile run

How do I win?

  • Every RAW Records participant will be entered into a raffle for a Personal Training New Client Packet
  • Participants who beat at least one of their personal records win a prize (prizes vary each quarter)
  • The top male and female in each fitenss challenge win a t-shirt and will have their photos and records displayed in the Fitness Center
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