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Registration Process

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Cal State East Bay Recreation and Wellness (RAW) Services utilizes an online/mobile sport scheduling application called IM Leagues to conduct our leagues and tournaments. All Intramural Sports participants will be required to create an online account through IM Leagues to participate. The instructions below will help you register and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. If you are having website/IM Leagues specific questions/difficulties, please use the LIVE CHAT feature on the IM Leagues website (located in the bottom right of the East Bay IM Leagues home page). If you need additional assistance or have questions about the IM Sports program itself, please contact  

After you register, don't forget, ALL CAPTAINS for league sports are required to attend the Captains' Meeting where they will learn about sport rules as well as the policies and procedures that guide the Intramural Sports program and participation. If the captain cannot attend, he/she may send a teammate on their behalf. Teams without representation at the meeting may be dropped from the league. The Spring 2018 Captains Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 5th at 7p in Room 307 of the Original Union. Teams that have representatives in attendance will start the season off with an extra win/2pts. 

To register yourself or your team, follow the instructions below.  


  1. Go to the Cal State East Bay IM Leagues Home Page and click the Create Account button in the top right
  2. Fill in your information and click the Create Account button (your account or your account are required)
  3. Click the link in the email you will have received to activate your account
  4. You will be re-directed to the platform – good luck with your games!


  1. Log in to the Cal State East Bay IM Leagues Home Page with your account and click on the sport and league you’d like to join
  2. Click the green “+ Create Team” button in the middle of the page/under the timeslot/division (if applicable) you’d like to join
  3. Take the Captain’s Quiz and review the Code of Conduct Guidelines (if applicable)
  4. Review and accept the participation waiver
  5. Input the information required (team name, free agent options, etc. etc.) and click on “Create Team”
  6. Invite your friends by clicking the Invite Players button and typing in their name (if they already have an account) or email

What is a Free Agent and How to Join!

Free Agents are players that are looking to join teams. In most cases sport leagues will be set up with Free Agent teams already identified. Free Agents are encouraged to request to join those previously identified teams.

You are also encouraged to indicate in the notes section of your free agent account/post if you are interested and able to Captain the team (communicate game dates/times, represent the team on the field, vocalize concerns, etc. etc.).

If you do not see an option for a preexisting Free Agent team you can still join a league as a free agent and Captains will have an opportunity to view your profile and request that you join their team. To join the league as a free agent, just click on the sport and league you are interested in joining and click on the green button in the middle right of the page that says "Join as  Free Agent." 

Additionally, Captains will have the option of setting their team to indicate they are looking for Free Agents so you can easily identify those teams and request to join them.

Finally if you care to, you can simply come out to the fields/courts etc. during the regularly schedules times that we schedule the sport you are interested in playing and see if you can get picked up on the spot.

If you do not have a team by the second week of the season, please contact the IM Sports Office.

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