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Spring 2019 Schedule: Season 1

To register to play Intramural Sports, please login to your online account and select the sport you wish to play. See our Registration Process page for a step-by-step guide to joining or creating a team, or becoming a Free Agent. As a reminder, all participants will need to create an online account and have a valid Bay Card or RAW ID in order to play.

Captains Meeting

All captains for league sports are required to attend the Captains' Meeting where they will learn about sport rules as well as the policies and procedures that guide the Intramural Sports program and participation. If the captain cannot attend, he/she may send a teammate on their behalf. Teams that do not have a representative present for the meeting may be dropped from the league. The Spring 2019 (Season 1) Captains Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 31 at 6p in the Bayview Room in the New Union. 

Captains Meetings for tournaments will be held the week of the tournament, or on site prior to the start of the event. 

Spring 2019: Season 1 League Sports

Spring 2019 Season 1 League Sports are listed in the grid below. Additional Spring 2019 League Sports (starting in March) may include Outdoor Soccer, Flag Football, 5v5 Basketball, and a variety of tournaments that may include Badminton Singles and Doubles, Table Tennis, Tennis, Dodgeball, and/or Kickball. 


Team Registration


Days of Play

Start Date

Basketball (5v5)

Opens: January 2

Closes: January 30 at midnight


Wednesdays (CoRec)
Thursdays (Open)

(Singles or Doubles)

Opens: January 2

Closes: January 30 at midnight

FREE Mondays (Open)

Indoor Volleyball (6v6)

Opens: January 2

Closes: January 30 at midnight

FREE Tuesdays (Open) 2/5

Events and Tournaments






Super Bowl Style 
Flag Football Tournament

Opens: January 2

Closes: January 31 at midnight


Fri, Feb 1

@ 2 p.m.

Pioneer Stadium

Don't see your sport? Contact the Intramural Sports department to discuss the opportunity to add it to the rotation. 

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