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Undergraduate Requirements for Graduation

There are three major parts of your baccalaureate degree and seven basic requirements defined in the California Code. Most of your courses will fall into one of the three major parts of the degree: (1) the General Education (G.E.) requirements for basic skills and breadth, (2) the major for depth in one field, and (3) free electives which you can use to shape your education in directions you choose.

These are the seven basic requirements for your B.A. or B.S. degree defined in the Code:

  1. Complete a 72 quarter-unit program of General Education-Breadth requirements including 12 upper-division (3000 or higher) units in G.E. Areas B6, C4, D4.
  2. Complete one of the majors offered at the University.
  3. Satisfy the University Writing Skills Requirement by passing two freshman-level English composition courses (ENGL 1001 and 1002) and the upper division University Writing Skills Requirement. Students who have completed 90 units are required to begins steps to satisfy the UWSR as soon as possible. Delaying this requirement may jeopardize your ability to graduate in a timely fashion. For further information, please visit
  4. Complete a minimum of 45 quarter units in residence enrolled as an admitted student at Cal State East Bay. Up to 36 units taken through Open University and Special Session may be counted for residence. Units in residence must include at least 36 upper division units, 18 units in your major, and 12 units of G.E. (Units you earn at other institutions, and units you earn through Credit-by-Examination are not residence units.)
  5. Complete at least 180 quarter units for your B.A. degree, 186 quarter units for your B.F.A. degree, or 180-188 quarter units for your B.S. degree. At least 60 of these units must be in upper division courses (courses numbered 3000 and above). No more than 60 units can be graded in the Credit/No Credit pattern (CR/NC or A/B/C/NC). No more than 36 units can be in Continuing Education, Open University, or correspondence credit, and no more than 45 units can be earned credit-by-examination (excepting Advanced Placement).
  6. Attain a grade point average of at least 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in all units you attempt at Cal State East Bay, all the units you attempt including transfer units, and all units you attempt in the major regardless of the department in which they are taught.

Visit the University Catalog for a full description of degree requirements. You must complete the degree requirements published for the academic year catalog applicable to your program. The information found in the University Catalog supersedes the information found on this page.

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