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Semester Conversion Subcommittee Structure

Administrative Support Subcommittee

The mission of the Administrative Support Subcommittee is to provide analysis and recommendations for policy and procedural changes required by the University’s conversion to a semester calendar. 

  • Develop a revised registration calendar based upon the approved semester academic calendar;
  • Implement and document changes to campus policies and procedures required to implement specified system and calendar changes;
  • Evaluate semester conversion changes made to PeopleSoft Human Resources System, Financial Information System, and Student Administration System modules to ensure that the changes achieve the outcomes specified by the Steering Committee;
  • Coordinate planning, develop business process proposals, and prepare implementation plans for system modifications required to support semester conversion.

Membership: Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Student Finance, Applications Support, Enrollment Development, APGS, Project Manager for Semester Conversion, 2 Faculty, 1 Student. Additional representatives with specialized knowledge may be called to participate at the discretion of the Project Manager. (11 members) Director and Associate Director serve as Ex-officio members.

Co-Curricular and Student Support Subcommittee

The mission of the Co-Curricular and Student Support Committee is to assist academic and non-academic programs to optimize opportunities for calendar changes to engage studens, faculty, staff, and administrators; and provide recommendations on the structure, coordination, and use of the Univeristy Hour under the semester schedule.   

  • Clarify ambiguity about the semester conversion process and coordinate staff training to address student questions and concerns regarding the transition;
  • Ensure continuation of programming, services, and activities with little disruption to students;
  • Identify and help programs, services and events that will be affected by calendar changes to make necessary changes;
  • Assist necessary changes to students housing;
  • Work to preserve school traditions (athletics, Al Fresco, etc.) on the semester calendar.

Membership:  AACE (career related), Accessibility Services, Associated Students Inc., Athletics, Campus Life, General Education, Diveristy & Leadership Employee Wellness, Student Center for Academic Achievement, Student Equity and Success (SEAS), Student Health and Counseling Services, Student Life and Leadership, Transfer Student Programs, University Housing, Univeristy Libraries, 2 faculty members, 2  student members (one native and one transfer), and the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs.  (17 members). Director and Associate Director serve as Ex-officio members.

Communication Subcommittee

The mission of the Communication Subcommittee is to ensure that the University uses multiple formats to provide clear, consistent, accurate, and ongoing information about semester conversion to students, faculty, staff, and administrators and to our larger campus community.

  • Create and implement a coordinated communication plan that addresses all internal and external constituents of the University;
  • Maintain an up-to-date and highly visible Semester Conversion website to share conversion requirements, timelines, deadlines, and resources for students, faculty, and staff;
  • Provide ongoing information through University newsletters, campus media, and local media about campus activities and events about semester conversion;

Membership: Director and Associate Director of Semester Conversion, Project Manager, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, AACE Director, ASI Representative, Student Affairs Representative, and Office of University Communications. (8 members)

Faculty Development Subcommittee

The mission of the Faculty Development Committee is to promote student success by collaborating with all areas of faculty support, especially the Office of Faculty Development, as they develop innovative pedagogy and transform curriculum in a manner that is sustainable and scalable.

  • Help to organize workshops and training on effective pedagogy and curriculum desgn, including AAC&U's High Impact Practices, that address needs of our diverse students;
  • Facilitate dialogue to develop best practices for teaching general education, integrating overlays, and infusing institutional learning outcomes throughout the curriculum;
  • Serve as a resource for departments and programs in managing semester conversion;
  • Develop a faculty learning community for faculty who are interested in incorporating semester conversion as a case study or project;
  • Assist the Director of Faculty Development with initiatives relevant to semester conversion, such as Back to the Bay and faculty learning communities;
  • Recognize and plan for faculty support required during the first year on semester.

Membership: Director of Faculty Development, Director of Online Campus, 2 APGS, 1 library faculty, 4 lecturers from different colleges, 4 regular faculty from different colleges. (13 members). University Diversity Officer, Director and Associate Director serve as Ex-officio members.

Student Advising Subcommittee

The mission of the Advising Subcommittee is to assist those responsible for advising students during the conversion from quarters to semesters.

  • Coordinate transition to semester advisement among existing advising units and faculty advisors;
  • Develop a plan for information and advising during orientations and outreach activities;
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date advising information;
  • Work with departments to revise and develop degree roadmaps
  • Develop models for Individualized Advisement Plans.

Membership: Outreach, Student Life (Orientation), AACE, College Advising Centers, Enrollment Information Center, Executive Director of Financial Aid, Office of General Education, Assistant Registrar, EOP/EXCEL Advisors, 4 faculty (one from each college), 3 students (one transfer, one native, one graduate), 6 Faculty Advising Fellows. (22 members). Director and Associate Director serve as Ex-officio members.

SCSC Approved 6/2/17

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