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Student Advising Subcommittee

Student Advising Subcommittee (2017-2018)

  • Maureen Scharberg, Co-Chair
    Dean of Academic Programs and Services
  • Larry Bliss, Co-Chair
    AACE College Advising Center
  • Joanna Cady Aguilar
    AACE College Advising Center
  • Jennifer Aure
    Director, CBE Student Service Center
  • Angela Byrns
    KIN/HRT Advising Center
  • Wendy Chen
    Student Systems Advisement Analyst
  • Shannon Coskran
    AACE College Advising Center
  • Tyler Evans
    CSCI Faculty Representative
  • Mo Her
    AACE Advisor
  • Michelle Hingst
    Athletics Academic Advisor
  • Garrett Moriguchi
    Assistant Registrar
  • Karen Mucci
    Associate Registra
  • Karen Parada
    Director of Sustainability, Associated Students Inc.
  • Diane Peterson
    EOP Advisor
  • Aaron Placke
    AACE Advisor
  • Samantha Quiambao
    President, Associated Students Inc.
  • Carl Stempel
    CLASS Faculty Representative
  • Denise Wong
    AACE, CSCI Advising Center
  • Lan Wu
    CBE Faculty Representative
  • Murray Horne
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Psychology
  • Silvina Iterate
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Criminal Justice
  • Sukari Ivester
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Sociology
  • Arnab Mukherjea
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Health Sciences
  • Erica Wildy
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Biological Sciences
  • Vanessa Yingling
    Faculty Advising Fellow, Kinesiology
  • TBD
    Excel Advisor
  • Mike Hedrick
    Ex Officio
  • Lindsay McCrea
    Ex Officio

Meeting Dates and Locations

All Meetings are on Thursdays, 2-3 p.m. Meeting locations: 

UU 2002: 5/31

9/28/17 Agenda Minutes
10/12/17 Agenda Minutes
10/26/17 Open Meeting  
11/9/17 Cancelled
11/30/17 Open Meeting
1/11/18 Agenda Minutes
1/25/18 Open Meeting
2/8/18 Agenda Minutes
2/22/18 Open Meeting
3/8/18 Cancelled  
4/5/18 Agenda Minutes
4/26/18 Open Meeting  
5/10/18 Open Meeting  
5/31/18 Agenda Minutes


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