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Instructional Labs

Speech Science Lab

The department’s Speech Science Lab is an integral component of classes on speech science, voice disorders, vocal rehabilitation, resonance disorders, and swallowing disorders. The lab proudly features the following cutting-edge equipment: Computerized Speech Lab (CSL), Phonatory Aerodynamic Systems (PAS), Nasometer, and Sona-Speech.Read more about these technologies

Hearing Science Lab

The Hearing Science Lab houses sound-treated audiometric testing suites equipped for Otoscopy, Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, and Oto-acoustic Emissions.Read more about these clinical procedures

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Lab

In the AAC lab, the department maintains a range of alternative/augmentative communication tools, including low-tech tools for emerging communicators, dedicated full-featured AAC devices and iPads loaded with several dozen AAC and intervention applications, as well as Boardmaker software used to create no-tech communication boards. The technologies are available to students and faculty for use in research studies (for a list of ongoing projects, click here), hands-on learning in the required graduate course on alternative/augmentative communication, and in the Norma S. and Ray R. Rees Speech, Language and Hearing clinic.
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