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Degree Progress Tool Box


The following self-help tools are designed to avoid delays in your progress toward graduation by laying out the sequence of courses that are required to complete your degree. You can access each tool through the links below:


The Roadmap identifies all of the courses required for a BA degree in Sociology. This tool also suggests a typical sequence for completing courses.

Track Your Progress with Our Self-Help Tools

Like the Roadmap this tool lists the courses required to complete your degree in Sociology. This tool alerts you prerequisites. For example, you must take Stat 1000 before Soc 4111, and you must take Soc 4111 before taking Soc4112. (The right hand side of the form includes information on prerequisites and course sequencing). We suggest you print out the tool for the option that you have selected and track your progress as you move through the program. Please visit a professor in the Sociology & Social Service Department if you have questions or need guidance on how to use these forms.

Sociology Option Self-Help Tool

This link is for those who have selected the Sociology Option. Those who select the Sociology Option will receive a BA in general Sociology. This option requires that you complete the core theory and methods curriculum, a set of three diversity courses, and seven upper division (courses with a prefix that starts with 3000 or 4000) elective courses of your choice.

Social Service Self-Help Tool

If you have selected this option you will receive a BA in Sociology with a special concentration in Social Services. You will take the same set of core courses in theory and methods that all Sociology students take, but in lieu of the seven electives you will take only two electives and a set of required courses that focus on topics relevant to social services. This option requires that you participate in an internship as a way to prepare for work in the social service field.

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