Becoming a Math & Science Teacher

Level 1: High School leads to Community College leads to Bachelors Degree, Level 2: Subject Matter Prep leads to Credential Program, Level 3: Teacher, where: Bachelors Degree leads to Subject Matter Prep and Credential Program leads to Teacher. Also Level 1 leads to Level 2 and Level 2 leads to Level 3

  • Cal State East Bay is actively engaged in enhancing every level of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) education from K-12 to the master’s level. No other university in the region brings together such a breadth of programs to address STEM education
  • Strong collaboration between the faculty of the College of Education and College of Science
  • In addition, intersegmental collaboration with K-12 and community college districts and partnerships with local county agencies like Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) is what makes our success in STEM educational initiatives possible
  • Our professors and students are in the local K-12 schools and community colleges not only bringing their practical expertise to affect positive change, but carrying back with them the knowledge of the present realities that our K-12 and community college math & science educators are facing on a daily basis
  • This close interaction that we have with our educational partners at all levels of science & math education is absolutely essential towards affecting real change in STEM education
  • We are in the midst of establishing a science & math education center to bring together all of our various STEM initiatives under one figurative roof, as well as faculty from both the College of Education and Allied Studies (CEAS) and College of Science into a collaborative setting
  • A key component of the new center will be the coordination and centralization of our evaluation and assessment function for all STEM related activities
  • The fusion of these elements will create a powerful vehicle for fueling change in the STEM education continuum

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