NOYCE Scholarship Program


The CSUEB Noyce Scholarship Program is designed to increase the number of qualified math and science teachers obtaining their credential at CSUEB and going on to serve at high needs schools. Noyce Scholarships will be used to attract academically successful community college transfers, senior mathematics and science majors and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals to become highly effective teachers in urban school districts. Each scholar will be supported throughout the four quarters of the credential program. Seniors receiving the Noyce Scholarship can be supported for as many as three quarters in their senior year. The award is $3000 per quarter and all scholarship recipients will be required to teach at a high needs school for every year of support.

The goals of this program are to increase the number of mathematics and science majors entering the teaching profession through early recruitment strategies, to strengthen the preparation and mentoring that these teachers receive and to provide a network of interpersonal and professional support that sustains their commitment to a career in teaching.

Note: Application Deadline is December 11, 2015.


SeniorsCredential Candidates
US Citizen, Permanent Resident or US National US Citizen, Permanent Resident or US National
Plan to Graduate Spring 2016 Plan to pass CSET's or complete subject program Spring 2015
Committed to entering the credential program at CSUEB Not currently a teacher
Committed to teach in a high needs school Committed to teach in a high needs school

Application forms can be found at: NOYCE Application Forms


Scholars are required to teach in a high needs school for two years for each year of scholarship support or they will be obligated to repay the scholarship. Scholars will be required to sign and notarize a legally binding agreement. Service must be completed within 8 years of graduation or receipt of a teaching credential. Noyce scholars must also agree to participate in CSUEB sponsored seminars, workshops and professional development programs that support the initial four years of their teaching careers. Scholarship recipients must remain enrolled full-time and make timely progress towards graduation. Scholarship recipients are also responsible for verifying and updating employment information and furnishing other monitoring or evaluation information that is requested.

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation DUE-1340097

NOYCE Application Forms

Note: Application Deadline is December 11, 2015.

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