If you meet all graduation requirements, two to three months after the graduation filing quarter of candidacy ends, your degree will be posted to your academic record in MyCSUEB. The Office of the Registrar will mail diplomas to candidates who have completed all degree requirements six to eight weeks after your degree is posted to your record. Your legal name, which appears on your official academic record and transcript, will be printed on the diploma.

For alumni who wish to reorder copies of their diploma, you may submit the Diploma Reorder Form (pdf) and payment by mail to:
California State University East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.,
Hayward CA 94542

Verify your Name and Address in MyCSUEB

Diplomas are mailed to the permanent address of record with the University. Please verify correct spelling of your name and accuracy of your permanent mailing address in MyCSUEB on the Graduate Status page.

Changes to your permanent mailing address may be made directly in MyCSUEB. To ensure your diploma is sent to a new address, changes must be received by the last day of instruction of your final term. Address changes made after your last term of instruction may not guarantee delivery of your diploma, and charges for a reorder may apply.

For legal name changes to your official academic record and diploma, complete the Personal Data Change Form and attach appropriate documentation no later than the fourth week of instruction of your last term.

Change of Name or Address

For legal name changes to your official academic record, complete the Personal Data Change Form and follow the instructions on the form.

For making changes to your permanent (home) mailing address record, or your local (mailing) address, enter the changes online directly in MyCSUEB.

Notarization of Documents


Follow these steps to have a diploma notarized for the purpose of foreign embassy and consulates:

1.     Submit a Diploma Reorder request. This can be done online in MyCSUEB or by completing a Diploma Reorder Form. If submitting a paper form, please note on the form "Hold for Notary."

2.     Contact the Registrar's Office immediately at diploma@csueastbay.edu to notify us that the diploma has been re-ordered and needs notarization. 


Follow these steps to have a transcript notarized for the purpose of foreign embassy and consulates:

1.     Order your official CSUEB transcript. Information on how to order via MyCSUEB, or to submit a paper form, may be found on the Office of the Registrar web site.

2.     After the transcript has been ordered, alert the CSU East Bay Transcript Unit to hold the transcript so that it can be notarized. The Transcript Unit can be reached at 510-885-3814.

When your documents are ready for notarization, you will be notified and provided with the contact information for a notary who will provide service at CSUEB. You are responsible for scheduling the notarization and payment with the notary.

After the documents are notarized, the documents can be mailed to you or picked up in person. If you are designating a person to pick up the documents on your behalf, please provide a signed release form with a copy of your Bay Card.

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