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Peer Advocates for Wellness


PAW 2016-2017

What is PAW?

PAW is an opportunity for CSUEB students to become involved with Student Health & Counseling Services. Under the supervision of Health & Wellness Services, PAW interns are trained peer health educators who provide information, peer support, outreach, presentations & resources to students about health and wellness issues.

What do PAW interns do?

•    Give presentations to CSUEB classes & organizations
•    Organize and participate in campus health observances and activities
•    Counsel students during weekly office hours at the Student Health Center and the Wellness Center at RAW

PAW interns also…

•    Develop leadership skills
•    Get work experience
•    Improve presentation, organization, event planning & communication skills
•    Advocate students' wellness concerns
•    Get Health Science units for having fun while you work…
…and more!

How do I contact PAW?

•    Call: (510) 885-7080
•    Email:
•    Stop by The PAW Room – Room 1118 at the Student Health Center; Room 122 at the Wellness Center

How do I become a PAW intern?

CSUEB students interested in becoming a PAW intern need to enroll in Health Sciences 2510- Introduction to Peer Health Education (Only offered in the Spring Quarter). For more information on the course, contact Janice Bulayo at (510) 885-7080 or

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Last Updated: 01/13/17

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