Before Orientation

Get yourself ready to show your PIONEER PRIDE by:

  1. Review the admitted student brochure in your admission packet to ensure you have completed all requirements. Be sure to accept your admission offer and submit your final transcript by the July 15 deadline. Students can register for an available Orientation session once they have accepted the admission offer on the MyCSUEB student portal.
  2. Take the necessary English and Math placement tests or confirm that you meet the criteria to be exempt from these tests. See "Placement Testing" below.
  3. Contact the EOP Office if you have been admitted through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).
  4. Review your financial aid information and visit the Financial Aid website if you have any questions or for more information.
    Click here to view a short Financial Aid video.
  5. Contact Student Life and Leadership Programs if you need accessibility assistance. You may also contact the Accessibility Services department if you need to make special requests for Orientation or as an incoming student.
  6. Review the Freshmen Learning Communities to understand more about your upcoming advising options and course registration process.
  7. Check your student Horizon email address. All Orientation communications, updated information and parking permit for day-of event will be sent to your student Horizon email account. As a CSUEB student, you are responsible for managing your communication as best fits your needs.

Placement Testing

*Students required to take the English Placement Test(EPT) and Entry Level Math(ELM) Test must do so prior to attending Orientation and registering for classes at CSUEB. Learn more at or contact CSUEB's Testing Office at (510) 885-3661. Students who live outside of California can arrange for alternative testing arrangements. 

Educational Opportunity Program

If you have been admitted into the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)*, a special EOP Orientation Session will be included in University Orientation Programs. Attendance at Orientation is mandatory for EOP students. At these sessions, students will be oriented on the services and benefits of EOP, learn the expectations of being an EOP student, receive assistance in identifying and selecting appropriate classes, attain helpful resources for academic and personal success, and begin a working relationship with a counselor that will last through graduation. Please indicate if you are an EOP student on the reservation form.

* Students who do not attend an EOP Orientation Session will not be able to register for Fall quarter classes. Please call the EOP Office at (510) 885-3751 if you have any questions.

Accessibility Accomodations

We welcome the disability community and will work with you and CSUEB Office of Accessibility to provide an accessibile and welcoming Orientation experience. If you need accommodations such as a sign language interpreter, materials in an alternative format, etc., please inform us at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session. You can contact us at: Student Life and Leadership Programs - Freshman Orientation, Phone: (510) 885-3872, E-mail:

Dates & Reservations


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