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Registration for Fall 2017 are available on MyCSUEB. Listed below are all Freshman Orientation Programs available at the Hayward campus.

  • Session 1: Friday, June 16 (One-Day Program)
  • Session 2: Thursday, June 29 - Friday, June 30 (Two-Day Overnight Program)
  • Session 3: Friday, July 7 (One-Day Program)
  • Session 4: Thursday, July 13 - Friday July 14 (Two-Day Overnight Program)
  • Session 5: Friday, July 28 (One-Day Program)

International Students

  • If you are an international student on F1/J1 visa, you can register for any available Freshman Orientations. Click Here to find out more information regarding your transition as an international student to CSUEB.


Fall 2017 Orientation registrations will be available early April 2017. Once you have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register, you will be able to register for Orientation through MyCSUEB. If you are unable to select an Orientation date, the specific Orientation program has reached capacity and we request that you choose from an available date.

Students have the option of selecting a One-Day Freshman Orientation or a Two-Day Overnight Freshman Orientation. Programs have set capacity, and registration may be closed if a specific program has reached capacity. Two-day Overnight Orientation will automatically register the student for overnight housing and hospitality accomodations.

Orientation fees  for students are not refundable. The Mandatory Orientation Fee for freshmen ($110.00) will be automatically charged to your student account, once we have verified that you are enrolled courses for the quarter. The charge will appear on your MyCSUEB financial account. Students collecting Financial Aid: your orientation fee will be automatically charged to your student account and paid with your first financial aid disbursement, if you have enough aid to cover the fee. If your financial aid disbursement is not enough to pay all of your student account charges, you will receive a bill for any balance due.

 *Two Day Overnight Program: Students selecting the Two Day Overnight Program will automatically have overnight accommodations set-up with their registration. The $45 overnight fee includes meals, lodging, and an extra day of interactive activities designed to help students become more acclimated to campus life. The $45 fee will be reflected by the Orientation date. Fees must be paid by due date to ensure no holds are placed on student account.

Family Orientation Registration

To learn more about the Family Orientation, click here. Families of freshmen students can register for the Family/Parent Orientation online. The Registration fee is ($35.00) for the first family member and ($15.00) for each additional guest. 

For further questions, you can contact Student Life and Leadership Programs by or by phone, (510) 885-3872


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