Questions About Orientation

How do I get orientation information mailed to me?

All freshman students who have been accepted to CSUEB will automatically be e-mailed information in mid May. If you do not receive any information electronically, call (510) 885-3872 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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What happens at Orientation?

Orientation is a mandatory program for all incoming Freshman and it's the best way to enter CSUEB. To ensure that the classes you want to take are the right classes for you, come to Orientation. Orientation provides the most complete academic advising and is also a great way to get familiar with the campus and meet other new students like you. Before you register for classes, you will need to be advised on the appropriate courses to take. Studies show that students who attend orientation have higher grade point averages, are less likely to be on academic probation, and are likely to graduate sooner. To see a sneek peek of the program, click here.

What happens if students don't attend Orientation?

If you don't attend orientation, it may be difficult to get academic advising. It will delay your registration date and limit the selection of classes available to you. The major departments set aside these dates/times to specifically meet with new students. Although parents/siblings are invited to our Family Orientation, they cannot attend orientation in place of the student. It is important for the student to learn first-hand the academic information and expectations of them as a CSUEB student. 

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Where do I stay for orientation?

Overnight accommodations for students, families, and additional guests are available at Pioneer Heights Student Apartments. Additional fees* apply; call the Housing and Residential life Office at (510) 885-7444 for more information.

*Two-Day Overnight Orientation includes housing, meals, and extra activities for the Thursday stay.

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Do I have to take placement tests?

All new undergraduate students MUST satisfy the requirements of the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math (ELM) test PRIOR to registering for classes, or have their admission cancelled. Only those students who present satisfactory scores on SAT, ACT, AP exams, or have completed equivalent college courses (C or better) will be exempt from taking these tests. It is important that you take the EPT and ELM as soon as possible in order to have the results for your advising session. For more detailed information go to the Testing section of the orientation website.

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How do I take the EPT/ELM if I'm from out of state?

If you live outside of the state of California and have been admitted to a CSU campus and need to take the EPT and/or the ELM before arriving in California, please call (925) 808-2142 or e-mail Out-of-state testing can be arranged for the 2nd week of the month, except in May when the test is the first week. There is an additional fee of $50 for testing outside of the state of California.

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What are my orientation fees paying for?

The fees to attend orientation pay for orientation materials, meals, and activities. The mandatory $110 orientation fee will be applied to your student account, once we verify that you have enrolled in classes. The additional $45 overnight fee for the Two-Day, Overnight Orientation will be applied to the student account by the date of the program.

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How do I pay?

Click here to learn how to make an online payment

Will I be with my parents?

Your parents and family attend a separate orientation program - Family Orientation. It is specifically designed for them and takes place on the same day of your orientation session. There is a separate fee for parents and guests.

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Can I bring a friend with me?

Although it might be nice to have a companion along, their presence might distract you from meeting other new students like yourself and you may miss valuable information. All guests will be charged a fee and will be expected to attend the Family Orientation Program.

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Is there anything I need to bring to orientation?

You should bring copies of your EPT/ELM scores and/or any other official test transcripts (AP test scores, SAT, ACT, etc). You should also bring a valid photo ID to get your university ID card while at orientation. If you have already purchased a CSUEB Catalog, bring that with you. Otherwise, you can purchase one at the bookstore for $19.95 plus tax. We also recommend that you bring any and all papers sent to you by the University.

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Who can I call with questions?

The friendly and knowledgeable Student Life and Leadership Programs Staff are ready to answer your questions. Call (510) 885-3872 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or email us at

How do I change the date of my Orientation?

If you are no longer able to attend your original Orientation date, please send an e-mail to with your original Orientation date, your requested date of change, and your Net ID.


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