Role of Student Life and Leadership Programs

The role of Student Life and Leadership Programs is to provide support and assistance to students and student organizations to enhance the quality of student life on campus. Student Life and Leadership Programs recognizes and assists nearly 100 student organizations active on campus by:

  • Coordinating reservations and planning for programs such as fundraisers, meetings, gym nights, food sales, lectures, receptions, picnics, entertainment, and musical events.
  • Coordinating the arrangement for University facilities, equipment, and personnel for student sponsored events.
  • Assisting students interested in forming new organizations.
  • Providing information and referrals about student organizations and their programs to interested students.
  • Helping student organizations and/or their officers enhance their effectiveness through consultation, leadership training, and workshops.
  • Providing a graphics room for the development of publications and publicity.

In addition to working with student organizations, Student Life and Leadership Programs is responsible for:

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