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As a student organization officer, you will work closely with three campus units: Student Life and Leadership Programs, Associated Students, and the University Union. When planning an event/activity on campus, always start by calling or stopping by Student Life and Leadership Programs. Here is a quick summary of the services each offers for CSUEB student organizations:

Student Life and Leadership Programs

  • Recognition of CSUEB student organizations.
  • Approves all student sponsored on-campus programs and events.
  • Reservations for all indoor and outdoor campus facilities (except University Union).
  • Coordinates requests for use of University equipment for programs / events outside of UU (e.g. tables, audio / visual, PA systems, etc.).
  • Assistance in planning student organization activities.
  • Provides poster-making materials and workspace for student leaders.
  • Provides consultation for student organizations on leadership and organizational issues.
  • Liaison to advisors of student organizations.
  • Publishes Student Organizations Directory and Campus Lifeline, a listing of student organization activities and events.

Associated Students

  • Banking services for student organizations: maintains accounts, processes check requests, provides monthly statements.
  • Club Mailboxes.
  • Funding for student organization programs and events.
  • Offers equipment for student organizations use: tables, volleyball nets, cash boxes, tents.
  • Schedules and maintains Event Board.
  • Recreational Activities Program works with student organizations in sponsorship of leagues and tournaments.

University Union

  • Reservations for all space inside the University Union.
  • Coordinates equipment for events and programs held in UU facilities.
  • Offers banner space and display case for student organization publicity.

Program Flow Chart

The following chart illustrates the general procedure for planning an event on campus. The procedure varies somewhat depending on what type of event you are planning, so remember to start your planning by contacting Student Life and Leadership Programs!

  1. Make an Appointment
    Make an appointment with a Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor to discuss meetings, activities and events.
  2. Make a Reservation
    Have your Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor make reservations for Facilities Reservations or the University Union.
  3. Wait for Confirmation
    Will receive email or phone call from Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor
  4. Confirm Detail of Event
    Meet with other officers to confirm and finalize details in preparation for Program Form meeting.
  5. Program Form Meeting
    Form requires an officer's signature and all event details. To be filled out with Student Life Advisor's help.
  6. Get Approval Signatures
    Most forms require signatures of approval from one or more of the following: club advisor, ASI business office, and/or University Union.
  7. Return Form to SLLP
    Return by "due by" date. Completed form will be signed by SLLP Advisor and SLLP Director for final approval.
  8. Have a Great Event!
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