Reserving and Using CSUEB Facilities

Student organizations may reserve and use indoor and outdoor campus facilities for organization programs and events. The following are the most frequently asked questions about facilities reservations:

Where do we reserve campus facilities?

  • Reservations for all campus facilities (except University Union) should be made through the Student Life and Leadership online facilities reservation form or filling out a form at New University Union, Room 2011.
  • University Union facilities should be reserved online through the University Union website.
  • Community centers at Pioneer Heights (510-885-7444) and International House (510-885-4747) may be available for student organization events.

When should we reserve space?

As far in advance as possible! You may need to:

  • obtain signatures from other offices (e.g. ASI, UU).
  • schedule University services, equipment, and personnel.
  • reserve popular areas of the campus (e.g. Agora Stage, theatre, etc).

Once we have made a reservation, then what?

If you will be using a room for a general meeting, no additional paperwork is needed.

For all other programs, you will need to meet with a Student Life Advisor to complete a Program Form. The Advisor will let you know what additional approvals/information is needed to finalize your program.

To help make the program planning process flow as smoothly as possible, we suggest you discuss these issues with your group before meeting with a Student Life Advisor:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Who is the event for and how many people are expected?
  • What equipment/materials will be needed?
  • Will there be any exchange of money? (admission, etc.)
  • What policies and procedures need to be followed to do this program?

Who can reserve facilities for our group?

Only the officers listed on your organization's Request for Recognition and/or Officer Registration Forms are authorized to reserve University facilities for meetings and/or special events.

Which facilities can we reserve?

Student organizations have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities including classrooms and outdoor recreational areas. Some of the facilities available to your organization include:

  • Small & Large Meeting Rooms(10-180 people)
  • Performance Spaces
  • Picnic Areas
  • Recreational Space

How do we arrange for the special equipment or set-up needed for events?

If your program will be held in the University Union, you can make arrangements for equipment (tables, chairs, AV equipment) at the time of your reservation. For all other on-campus events, Student Life and Leadership Programs will work with you to coordinate your equipment/set-up needs.

How much do campus facilities cost to use?

Recognized student organizations are not charged rental fees for the use of most campus facilities, including the University Union.

There ARE fees, however, for using the University Theatre, Gym and Pool. Additionally, charges are assessed for special services such as personnel, extended University Union hours, equipment delivery/removal (such as for tables, chairs, or a BBQ pit).

Student organizations are financially responsible for damage to facilities and excess cleanup costs incurred during programs sponsored by the organization.

What if our program must be cancelled?

Call Student Life and Leadership IMMEDIATELY and cancel as far in advance as possible. Depending upon the facility, some charges may still apply, particularly if any special equipment was delivered or if a setup was done.

Minimum planning timelines for student organization programs
Program TypeTimelinePlanning Process
General Meeting (no food, equipment or off-campus speaker) Minimum of 7 days prior to program None, other than room reservation. Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. Advance planning is encouraged.
General Meeting w/food Bake Sale (non perishable foods) Information Table Minimum of 14 days prior to program Complete appropriate program request. Obtain permit at Student Life.
Events/Programs w/ASI Funding Requests Minimum of 21 days prior to program Meet w/Student Life Advisor to complete ASI program funding request form.
Fundraiser/Speaker Minimum of 30 working days prior to program. Meet with Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor.
Equipment/personnel (outside UU),
Catered Event,
Food Sale (perishable food),
Athletic Event,
Programs in UU with Personnel/extended hours,
Programs involving off-campus vendors
Minimum of 30 working days prior to program. Meet with Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor to make program arrangements and complete program request.
Major Events,
Alcohol Requests,
Events involving DPS personnel
Minimum of 30 working days prior to program. Meet with Student Life and Leadership Programs Advisor to make program arrangements and complete program request.

The programs described above represent the types most frequently sponsored by student organizations. If your organization is planning a special event, the Student Life and Leadership Programs staff is available to assist you in identifying an appropriate timeline for the planning and approval of your program.

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