Working with your On-Campus Advisor

Advisors must be registered with Student Life and Leadership Programs. All student organizations must have a CSUEB faculty or professional staff member as an Advisor. Organizations can have an off-campus co-Advisor as well. Several organizations have chosen an off-campus Advisor as a person who understands well and represents the purpose and philosophy of the organization. All Advisors will receive information about student organization policies, procedures and programs.

You can expect your Advisor to:

  1. Know the organization's purpose and history, and believe in its goals.
  2. Share enthusiasm and motivation; communicate openly.
  3. Be informed - and ensure that the student officers are informed - about Univesrity policies and procedures governing student activities and organizations.
  4. Report any violations of policies to Student Life and Leadership Programs.
  5. Be an active resource to the organization.
  6. Be aware of the activities of the organization through attendance at meetings or through frequent consultation with officers.
  7. Help members adhere to the constitution.
  8. Maintain commitment.
  9. Encourage a diverse membership and interaction with other organizations.
  10. Provide continuity during periods of transition and from year-to-year.

An Advisor can expect you to:

  1. Consult with the Advisor regarding meetings, programs, events, and activities.
  2. Update the Advisor on the financial condition of the organization.
  3. Inform the Advisor immediately if situations arise that might cause problems for the organization or for any member.
  4. Keep the Advisor informed regarding the operation and needs of the organization.
  5. Provide opportunities for interaction between the Advisor and the members of the organization.
  6. Give the Advisor an opportunity to express an opinion on issues which affect the welfare of the organization and the University.
  7. Provide the Advisor with copies of minutes of all meetings.
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