Getting the word out on campus about your organization and its programs is a critical part of building your organization and attracting new members. In the section that follows, we've identified and summarized the primary ways to publicize your organization on campus.

Approved Locations for Posting

Students, recognized student organizations, faculty and staff of the University, and non-university individuals may post signs on bulletin boards (indoor and outdoor) and kiosks designated as "General Bulletin Boards." NO approval required.

Departmental bulletin boards are identified, controlled and maintained by specific departments, and only materials approved by that department are allowed to be posted.

University bulletin boards are for posting of official University documents and announcements. Other posted materials are subject to removal.

General Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

General bulletin board locations

  • Signs, posters, brochures, announcements, and notices are NOT to exceed 17 inches by 22 inches. (Larger posters must be approved by Student Life and Leadership Programs.)
  • Signs not meeting the educational goals and mission of the University or containing fraudulent information are strictly prohibited.
  • Signs, advertisements, and announcements must be identified with the name of the organization responsible for the event/ activity.
  • Signs may not be posted more than fourteen (14) days prior to the event and must be removed no later than five (5) days following the event.
  • Student organizations may be charged for cost incurred in the removal of signs or repair to University property due to improper postings.
  • Duplicate signs on the same bulletin boards are subject to removal.
  • Signs shall be posted by thumbtacks or staples only. Other methods of posting which damage a bulletin board will subject the student organization to liability for damages.
  • Removal of signs, other than by the posting party or University personnel acting in pursuant to their duties, is prohibited unless the sign announces an event which has passed.
  • Signs written in a language other than English must contain an English translation.
  • Postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be removed.

Illegal Posting

The posting of signs on building surfaces, windows, glass doors, benches, utility poles, sculptures, garbage receptacles, railings, trees, traffic control signs, and sidewalks is not allowed.

Placement of written/printed materials on vehicle windshields is prohibited. Violators are subject to all charges incurred for the clean-up of such littered materials on campus grounds.

Banners/Building Exteriors

Recognized student organizations may reserve designated locations on the exterior of University buildings to post banners. Banners posted on University buildings may be posted for a maximum of two weeks and only to advertise events for which University approval has been obtained.

Student organizations must reserve space through Student Life and Leadership Programs in order to hang banners in the following approved banner locations on campus:

  • Library - (South) - facing the food stands.
  • Library - (North) - facing Music & Business.
  • Library - (South) facing the University Union.
  • Library - (North) facing Physical Education.
  • Music/Business - South entrance on the east or west wall.
  • Meiklejohn Hall - Railing at north entrance on east or west railing.
  • Physical Education - Main entrance and west wall.
  • North Science Building - 2nd Floor railing.
  • Top of Library / Warren Hall stairwell - railing facing Warren Hall.
  • Concord Campus - as approved by the Coordinator of Student Affairs.

Each club may reserve a maximum of three (3) spaces per week. Each organization is generally allowed a maximum of two (2) week per quarter for displaying their banners. The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing and removing banners and for cleaning up any tape or twine used to affix the banner to the building.

Student organizations must reserve space through the University Union in order to hang banners along any of the University Union railings. Consult the University Union banner hanging policy for details.

Publicity Resources On-Campus

The Pioneer newspaper offers several means through which you can advertise events and announce meetings. As an organization, your options include:

  • Calendar Notices
  • Classified Ads
  • Display Ads

All approved student events are listed in the Many Faces of Student Life section of the Student Life and Leadership Programs website. If you have a special event that is not listed or wish to post additional information about your event, please contact Arthur Jenkins.

Student Life and Leadership Banner Supplies

Inside the "HOT Spot," located in the New University Union, Room 2011, Student Life and Leadership Programs maintains supplies (paper and paint) for organizations to make banners. Please check in at the front office (New University Union, Room 2011) for access to the HOT Spot.

Download a complete list of suggested advertising avenues on campus.

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