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First Year Learning Communities

Knowing that many students come into college having already identified areas of academic interests, CSUEB groups General Education (GE) courses together within common themes. Freshman in the GE program work in learning communities:

  • Ancient World
  • Earth Crisis!
  • How Things Work
  • Individual and Society
  • Language and Culture
  • Moving Bodies, Shifting Identities & Social Justice
  • Science in the Ancient World
  • Science Behind the Music
  • Spirituality Creativity & The Human Experience
  • Taking Charge of Your Life - Balance
  • Thinking Globally
  • Viewing Diversity
  • World Problems

Though learning communities, you, your classmates, and your professors work closely together for the entire year, which helps to ensure a rewarding experience that positions you for further academic success. As you move through the program together, you can build lasting connections and friendships with your fellow students.

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