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SOAP – Sustainable Office Assessment Program

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What is SOAP?

The Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP) is a student-led program that reviews current office practices and offers recommendations for improvement towards sustainability. The SOAP Crew will conduct a walk through of the office with an office representative, assess findings, and then provide recommendations for the office to become more sustainable. Areas of focus include:

  • Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Food & Packaged Good
  • Employee Wellness
  • Transportation

For more information visit our BaySync page or to schedule a SOAP assessment click the link at the bottom of the page

The Sustainable Office Assessment Program, or SOAP for short, is a student-led program dedicated to making Cal State East Bay a powerhouse for sustainability.  SOAP conducts office walkthrough assessments; analyzing current office sustainability practices and provides recommendations for improvement. Offices are ranked and given certificates and prizes based on their performance. We encourage the offices to engage in friendly competitions to ensure participation and accountability amongst all participants. 

SOAP serves two purposes: to promote sustainable advancement in the workplace and to prepare students to utilize sustainable practices in the career of their choosing. SOAP engages staff and faculty in sustainability by creating a competitive yet collaborative environment in the workplace.

Through SOAP we hope to not only fulfill existing sustainable goals and tasks but to also encourage others to become more engaged in sustainability. Working together towards a common goal comes with the territory of being a pioneer, and if we collectively become more engaged in building a greener, healthier Cal State East Bay, then we will positively impact the University, the community, the bay and beyond

 Here's a list of our already assessed offices and their rankings


Office Member


SOAP Ranking




Date Assessed

Dr. Fadi Castronovo



Office of Engineering


Gold Pioneer



Stephanie Jones



Nursing And Health Science


Silver Pioneer




Alison Richardson



Student Equity and Success


Silver Pioneer




Renuka Asirvatham





Silver Pioneer




Kimberley Lopez



Health Services


Silver Pioneer




Kellie Jones



HOPE Pantry


Silver Pioneer




Christina Mason



Accessibility Services


Silver Pioneer




Darice Ingram



Student Health and Counseling 


Silver Pioneer




Belen Menjivar





Silver Pioneer




Susan Basanjav



Community Counseling Clinic


Bronze Pioneer




Roger Saechao



Office of Institutional Research


Bronze Pioneer




Seini Houa



Transfer APASS


Bronze Pioneer




Zachary Meade





Bronze Pioneer






What is SOAP?

The Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP) is a student-led program that reviews current office practices and offers recommendations for improvement towards sustainability.  

How do I schedule an assessment on BaySync?

Follow this link to the Google form

How does the SOAP ranking system work?

There are six rankings than an office can achieve with each one having a minimum amount of points needed. The six rankings from lowest to highest are Traveler, Bronze Pioneer, Silver Pioneer, Gold Pioneer, Platinum Pioneer, and Super Sustainable Pioneer.

What if I score low on the assessment?

If you score low on the checklist don’t fret! Our team will offer you the necessary recommendations you need in order to make your office more sustainable. If you feel like you have made significant improvements, you are more than welcome to re-participate in SOAP.

What happens after I complete the SOAP Assessment? What prizes are included?

Upon completion of the checklist, your office will receive a smart power strip, an office plant of your choice, and a certificate displaying your ranking.


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