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Graduate Reading Programs


Our graduate reading programs include: The Reading and Literacy Added Authorization and the Masters of Science in Reading and Literacy.

Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

Students will complete a series of five four-unit graduate Reading courses (20 units) beginning in the summer. Upon successful completion of their coursework and three or more years of classroom teaching, candidates will be recommended for the state-issued Reading Certificate Added Authorization. Candidates with less than three years of teaching experience are welcome to complete the program and apply for the Reading Certificate Added Authorization once they have the required classroom teaching experience. (The application for recommendation for the Reading Certificate Added Authorization is included in the appendix of the handbook.)

MS Reading and Literacy

With the addition of three more graduate courses (12 units) candidates will also receive a Masters of Science in Reading and Literacy. The 45-unit MS in in Reading and Literacy includes 13 post-baccalaureate units. Candidates may enroll in CSUEB electives (not 7000 level courses) or bring in 13 units of coursework from an accredited credential program completed within five years of the projected MS completion date. The entire program including the Reading Certificate Added Authorization and the MS degree can be completed in one calendar year (with the inclusion 13 approved credential program units.)

Degree Requirements

The following are CSU East Bay requirements for graduation with a MS degree:

  1. Fulfill the University Writing Skills Requirement
  2. Be Advanced to Candidacy
  3. Complete at least 45 quarter units applicable to your degree
  • All units must be earned within the five calendar years immediately preceding the receipt of your degree. (Outdated units may be accepted for one additional year with the approval of your department and the Associate Vice President, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies. If not completed in the sixth year, currency in the subject matter of the outdated courses must be demonstrated. Courses older than seven years are only applied to the degree in exceptional circumstances.)
  • No more than 13 units can be completed when not in residence in your program (e.g., while at other schools, while an undergraduate with permission to take graduate courses, while pursuing an additional baccalaureate degree in "Unclassified Post-Baccalaureate" status, while enrolled in another graduate degree program, or while enrolled in Continuing Education courses-including Open University courses)
  • At least 1/2 of the units in your program must be 6000-level
  • No lower division units can be counted
  • No more than 9 units of university thesis or 5 units of departmental thesis or project work can be counted
  • No more than 15 units may be in CR/NC courses (16 in Public Administration, 24 in Counseling


Our Reading Instruction program is offered through the University Extension department. Candidates interested in this program will be required to complete BOTH the University Extension Application and the Department application.

Applications open onFebruary 1st for the summer quarter.  For more information, visit Application Deadlines. For a detailed information on applying please refer to the Program Handbook.

Program Information

  • Summer Admissions only
  • 45 Unit Program
  • Classes M-TH
    (Face to Face, online and/or Hybrid)
  • Class times 4:30pm to 8pm
  • Applications open in February

Program Coordinator

Dr. Denise Fleming, Professor

Art & Education Rm. 127B

Phone: (510) 885-4471


Application Materials

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