University Photo Library

The Office of University Communications maintains an extensive library of professional-quality photographs of California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) for use by employees creating official publications, marketing, promotional, and editorial content.

Please contact University Photographer Garvin Tso for access to the CSUEB photo library.

Terms, Conditions of Use, and Permissions

By accessing the photo library, you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. Library photo images are the property of the Trustees of the California State University.
  2. Downloaded images may not be sold, licensed, or given to outside parties for non-CSUEB uses.
  3. Photo usages must by accompanied by the following credit: “CSUEB Office of University Communications Photo.”
  4. All proposed usages must be submitted to and reviewed and approved by the Office of University Communications in advance by contacting University Communications’ Art Director, Jesse Cantley, at 510.885.2189 or

Images may be used for the following (both in print and electronic form)

  • Advertising produced by the Office of University Communications
  • CSUEB news articles and stories issued by the Office of University Communications
  • CSUEB Web site portals and pages
  • Official University Alumni and Friends publications and communications
  • Official University event programs, invitations, and event promotion and publicity
  • Official CSUEB reports and other publications
  • Publications and communications promoting CSUEB enrollment, academic, arts, athletics, and other programs
  • University development, fundraising, and stewardship publications

Images may NOT be used by or for the following (both in print and electronic form)

  • News publications and services other than those approved or create by the Office of University Communications
  • Paid advertising produced by anyone other than the Office of University Communications
  • Production of items for retail sales such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars, posters, mouse pads etc.
  • Promotion of any business, service, or educational institution or offering other than CSUEB
  • Promotion of any event not officially sponsored by CSUEB, including events hosted on a CSUEB campus or at a CSUEB location
  • Textbooks, reports, or other publications not produced by the Office of University Communications
  • Student class assignments and projects

Exceptions to these usage requirements may be granted but require express, advance permission from the Office of University Communications. Violations of these terms, conditions, and requirements will result in revocation of access privileges.

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