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student tour ambassadors

Meet Your Welcome Center Staff and Tour Guides

Meet Your Welcome Center Staff



Hello, I am excited to be your Welcome Center Adviser. I earned two Bachelor of science degrees from Humboldt State University and I have a Master's in Recreation and Tourism from here at Cal State East Bay. 

What I love about Cal State East Bay is the diversity, the views, and atmosphere. Cal State East Bay is a beautiful campus where you immediately feel at home. Since it's a medium-sized university, you get the family-vibe without losing access to a myriad of programs and clubs. The SF Bay Area location is perfect for exploring the city, the woods, the ocean, or any places in between. Cal State East Bay represents the best the Bay Area has to offer. My favorite place on campus is the Starbucks in the Library, because coffee and books! My most played song is “California Love,” by 2Pac. My favorite quote du jour is "I never look back Darling; it distracts from the now!" from Edna Mode of "The Incredibles" because your tomorrow is what you make it, not what makes you. I hope you'll start your tomorrow with us at Cal State East Bay. See you on campus!

Meet Your Tour Guides!


Sandra: Outreach Lead

I am currently a senior majoring in Biological Sciences with an option in Physiology; both fields of study are offered in the College of Science. With this major I am hoping to one day become a trauma surgeon. My transition into college was a bit difficult because I am from southern California: I had to adjust to a completely new environment, and I missed my family a lot. The reasons I chose to attend Cal State East Bay are because the university has the major I am interested in, some great programs and top-notch professors, and the campus also has such beautiful and inspiring scenery. My favorite quote is “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away.” Pretty much my entire playlist is Cardi B!


Samuel: Ambassador Lead

I am a third year pursuing a degree in economics. I became interested in this major because I want to study the market and help people use the available resources to them in the most efficient way possible. My transition to college was not very difficult, however managing my money was, considering the fact that I did not have much of it at first. There are several reasons why I chose Cal State East Bay A few include; it is recognized for its College of Business and Economics program, its affordability, its diversity and of course I wanted some distance from home which is in Los Angeles. My favorite quote is “If Young Metro don’t trust you.” My most played song on my android is “These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar.

student ambassador Alexis

Alexis: Tours Lead

Hey everyone,
I am a fourth year transferring from Mt. San Jacinto College currently majoring in Human Development with an option in Early Childhood Development. I chose to attend East Bay because I knew I wanted to attend a school in the Bay Area to move away from home and explore the opportunities around me. My transition to East Bay was very smooth because of my peers and all the resources available on campus. A quote I live by is "The greatest risk is not taking one at all". And my favorite song is "Can I have this Dance" from HSM 3. 
student ambassador Austin


My name is Austin and I am a second-year student here at Cal State East Bay majoring in Kinesiology. Even though I was born here in the Bay Area, I am from Elk Grove, CA. My dream job is to work for a professional sports team as a physical therapist or as a team trainer. My transition to East Bay was difficult as a lot was going on as I started school. The community here at East Bay definitely made me more comfortable as I adjusted from high school to college. I chose East Bay because I loved the diversity East Bay had and I felt like I fit right in. My favorite quote is "Success isn't owned. It is leased, and rent is due everyday." -JJ Watt. This quote reminds me that I have to keep working hard to be successful everyday. 


Hi! I'm Christiana and I am a fourth year at Cal State East Bay. My major is Psychology with two minors: Criminal Justice & African American Studies. I am a part of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. There is so much that I love about Cal State East Bay but the diversity on campus is amazing! It’s so empowering to attend a university where people who look like me are represented. It reminds me that I truly can do anything. I also love being surrounded by individuals of various cultures and backgrounds. Currently one of my favorite songs is Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean.

My all time favorite quote is “I sit in silence and find whenever I meditate, my fears alleviate, my tears evaporate, my faith don't deviate, ideas don't have a date.”



Hello, I'm Chris! I am a second year from Azusa, CA majoring in Kinesiology. I'm striving to one day become a registered nurse. I chose CSUEB because it was a brand new environment full of amazing people. My own personal transition to college has been amazing, I've only been here a year and I've already made amazing memories with my new friends. My favorite quote is "if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you". My most replayed song is Bleach by Brockhampton.



Hello Everyone!
I'm Dani. I am a fourth year from Long Beach majoring in Human Development with a childhood development option and a minor in Criminal Law. I love CSUEB because of all of the great opportunities surrounding us being in the heart of the bay. I have met some of the greatest people here that have connected me with others that have helped me get going in my career. I have really enjoyed the past three years at East Bay and I can't wait to see what my last year and a half has in store for me. My favorite song right now is "Shadow Man" by Noname (10/10 would recommend. she's fantastic!). My favorite quote is "I am ready to face any challenge that is foolish enough to face me" which is from my favorite show "The Office."
student ambassador Danielle



My name is Danielle Cruz, I am a third-year Health Science student. Originally I am from Tracy, but I moved out here to the bay to attend the wonderful school of CSUEB! I chose CSUEB because of the vast diversity of students, and the very convenient student-to-teacher ratio! My favorite song is Cherry by Lana Del Rey. 

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe


My name is Enrique Santizo I am a third year originally from Los Angeles and I am majoring in Business administration with an option in Finance. I hope to one day become a Financial Adviser and help people attain their monetary goals, as well as help underprivileged communities gain an understanding of fiance so that they may better prosper. When I first came to CSUEB my transition was a bit difficult due to the fact that I had never been away from home. I struggled with missing my friends and family and adjusting to the college life all together. I chose Cal State East Bay for three main reason. First the diversity, the fact that it was in the heart of the bay, and because of the sense of community amongst the students. My favorite life quote is " Each of us is better then the worst thing we've ever done." - Bryan Stevenson. My most played song is Changes by 2pac.
student ambassador Jeremiah


My name is Jeremiah Quilantang and I'm a fourth-year double major in Kinesiology and Biology aspiring to become a sports medicine physician. I was born and raised in Stockton, CA and decided to come to East Bay for a new set of surroundings. My transition was pretty smooth because what I sought after (a clean slate) became a reality. I also love meeting all types of people, so when I came to East Bay it was the reason I joined numerous clubs and organizations on campus from Orientation Team to the Welcome Center. I'm very open-minded to almost all things, which is why my favorite quote is:
"Wonderment can come from the most mundane movements" - David Levithan
This inspires me to make the most of everything that occurs in my life.


My names Leilani, I am a fourth year and I am majoring in Health Science. I am from Antioch so East Bay isn't too far from home for me. CSUEB is such a great campus for nursing programs or science programs, that help you to excel and allow you to be hands on which is why I chose East Bay. 
Favorite Song: My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
Favorite Quote: "I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it." - Jack Dawson
student ambassador Mahad


Hi, my name is Mahad Fugfugosh I am a second year and excited for the upcoming year. I am currently majoring in Biology, and hopefully get in to medical school in the future. My favorite quote is "The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell." You learn a lot from trying something new and if you don't you would never know what you like.



My name is Marcos Sanchez I am senior majoring in communications with an option in multimedia production. I’m originally from the bay area but was raised in the state of Washington. I choose Cal State East Bay because of the diversity, location, and the views from the campus. CSUEB is a great campus that includes all students to achieve success and graduate. In addition to being a Welcome Center Ambassador, I am also part of Orientation Team and a fraternity on campus. Being part of different organizations has helped me make connections with students and faculty/staff. My favorite quote is “ Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth.”- Muhammad Ali         



Hello everyone my name is Siddharth Valecha and I am a third-year Business Administration major with an option in finance and minor in Health Science. I was born in India and I came to the United States in fall 2016. I chose Cal State East Bay because of the cultural diversity and the numerous amounts of opportunities it offers. Since I started school at East bay, I have been involved in area council to Greek life to working for the amazing Welcome Center, being part of ASI and more. Doing different things and making all these connections makes me feel accomplished a little but knowing that I still have a lot more to learn. East Bay has not just given me the opportunity to figure myself out but also a chance to grow as an individual and be successful. I am glad that I am surrounded by a very understanding and loving community and I could not be more grateful.

Favorite punchline “ How are you doing peeps?”

Uzi 宇治--

はじまして!僕は宇治です!僕は三生です、と 専攻は国際学です。趣味はゲーメをすると旅行をする。カリフォルニア州立大学イーストベイ校へようこそ!よろしくお願いします!

Hello! My name is Uzi and I am a fourth year here at Cal State East Bay. My major is currently International Studies with an emphasis on Japan. I am also hoping to minor in Japanese when it becomes available in the semester system. I have also studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan and visited South Korea as well! My plans after graduation is to move back to Japan to teach English hopefully at the University level. I am from Santa Rosa, CA! My transition to college was smooth thanks to the support I have received from my Welcome Center family and EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). I chose Cal State East Bay alone for its Diversity and location to the major cities in the Bay Area. My life quote is “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness” - Tori Kelly. My most played songs at the moment is “What is Love?” by TWICE and “Yuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune Ni! By Aqours. I am excited to help you start your journey here at CSUEB!

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