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Meet Your Welcome Center Staff and Tour Guides

Meet Your Welcome Center Staff!

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Hello, I am excited to be your Welcome Center Adviser! I earned two Bachelor's of Science degrees from Humboldt State University and I have a Masters in Recreation and Tourism from here at CSUEB. 

What I love about Cal State East Bay is the diversity, the views, and atmosphere. CSUEB is a beautiful campus where you immediately feel at home. Since it's a medium-sized university, you get the family-vibe without losing access to a myriad of programs and clubs. The SF Bay Area location is perfect for exploring the city, the woods, the ocean, or any places in between. Cal State East Bay represents the best the Bay Area has to offer! My favorite place on campus is the Starbucks in the Library, because of the coffee and books! My most played song is “California Love,” by 2Pac. My favorite quote du jour is "I never look back Darling; it distracts from the now!" from Edna Mode of "The Incredibles" because your tomorrow is what you make it, not what makes you. I hope you'll start your tomorrow with us at Cal State East Bay. See you on campus!

Meet Your Tour Guides!

Picture of Miguel

Miguel: Tours Lead

I am graduating this quarter and my major is Graphic Design with minors in American Sign Language and Biology. I chose Graphic Design because it has always been a dream to work for Pixar or Disney. My transition to college was smooth and enjoyable. The courses here at CSUEB were challenging yet fun. Having resources on campus such as SCAA and tutors made it possible to succeed in any course. I chose Cal State East Bay because of the student environment on campus; everyone was so friendly when I toured the school my senior year in high school.

My favorite quote is, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney. My most played song on my playlist is "Wadsyaname" by Nelly.

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Sandra: Outreach Lead

I am currently a senior majoring in Biological Sciences with an option in Physiology; both fields of study are offered in the College of Science. With this major I am hoping to one day become a trauma surgeon. My transition into college was a bit difficult because I am from southern California: I had to adjust to a completely new environment, and I missed my family a lot. The reasons I chose to attend Cal State East Bay are because the university has the major I am interested in, some great programs and top notch professors, and the campus also has such beautiful and inspiring scenery. My favorite quote is “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away.” The most played song on my playlist is “Soldier” by Gavin DeGraw.

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Samuel: Ambassador Lead

I am a Sophomore who is pursuing a degree in economics. I became interested in this major because I want to study the market and help people use the available resources to them in the most efficient way possible. My transition to college was not very difficult however managing my money was considering the fact that I did not have much of it at first. There are several reasons as to why I chose Cal State East Bay a few include; it is recognized for its College of Business and Economics program, its affordability, the diversity the campus holds and of course I wanted some distance from home which is in Los Angeles. My favorite quote is “If Young Metro don’t trust you.” My most played song on my android is “These Walls” by Kendrick Lamar.

Picture of Kayla


I am a graduated senior at Cal State East Bay; my major is Business Administration with a focus on Marketing Management. Transitioning to college was difficult at first but once I settled in, it’s been great. The reason why I chose CSUEB is because I love the diversity and it was important for me to go to a college where I was able to be myself. My ultimate favorite quote is “Life goes on,” those three words are always a constant reminder I tell myself when I am going through a rough time, to never give up. Being here for the last four years has been an amazing journey. I found my home away from home and continue to grow every single day. 

Picture of Eleen


Helloooo!! I am a second year here at CSUEB and I’m loving it. I was raised in Los Angeles, and born in Toronto so you could definitely say I’m a city girl. I chose East Bay because of the diversity, location, and beautiful campus. The view of the Bay is what caught my attention when I first heard of this school, because it’s so amazing and pretty! My transition to this campus was very smooth. I’m a very friendly and social person, so making friends wasn’t very hard for me. Living on campus is making my college experience a lot better because of how close everything is, such as classes, food, and friends. I don’t have a major declared yet, but I do know that I want my career job to allow me to interact with people because that is something I enjoy doing.

My favorite quote is “Mind over matter,” it really helps me strive on to better things and look at situations in a different perspective.
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Hi! I'm Christiana!
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Hi! I'm Jahvon!
I am a 4th Year (Senior) here at Cal State East Bay and I joined as a first time freshman. My hometown is Rialto, CA but I came all the way up north to get a change of scenery and needless to say, East Bay has definitely fulfilled that requirement! I am a Psychology major and plan on attending Grad School to further my education and obtain a career in Sex Trauma Psychology and Counseling. If I had to offer one piece of advice to incoming transfers or freshman, it would have to be to keep your mind open and really try to reach out for the endless opportunities here on campus. I did and I've never been more happy with my decision to join Sigma Sigma Sigma, a national sorority here on campus.
My favorite quote is "Keep Moving Forward!" from the Disney movie Meet the Robinson's because in life, you can learn from your mistakes but with success, not so much; therefore, when you make a mistake, take it as a chance to learn and be thankful for the opportunity to grow. Like, the lotus, we rise from the mud in order to bloom into something of exuberant beauty. Lastly, my favorite song at the moment is "Animal" by Trey Songz. 
Picture of Leilani


Hello! I'm new and can't wait to start giving tours on campus!
Picture of Dani


Hello Everyone! 
I'm Dani. I am a third year from Long Beach majoring in Human Development  with a childhood development option and a minor in Criminal Law. I love CSUEB because of all of the great opportunities surrounding us being in the heart of the bay. I have met some of the greatest people here that have connected me with others that have helped me get going in my career. I have really enjoyed the past 3 years at East Bay and I can't wait to see what my last year and a half has in store for me. My favorite song right now is "Shadow Man" by Noname.(10/10 would recommend. she's fantastic!)  My favorite quote is "I am ready to face any challenge that is foolish enough to face me" which is from my favorite show "The Office".
Image of student ambassador Natalie


I am from Long Beach this is my second year here at East Bay and my major is Health Science. I was attracted to this major because the medical field is full of opportunities to grow and be successful. Transitioning to college was easy,fun, and a great learning experience. I love Cal State East Bay because to me its the perfect size for a campus not to big not to small. The  people here are full of good energy and positive vibes which is essential for college because there will be moments when you feel overwhelmed. My favorite quote is nothing good comes easy because its simple and applies to many things in life. Lastly my favorite song is After the storm by Kali Uchis because it keeps me motivated, confident, and ambitious !
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My name is Danielle Cruz, I am a second year Health Science student. Originally I am from Tracy, but I moved out here to they bay to attend the wonderful school of CSUEB! I chose CSUEB because of the vast diversity of students, and the very convenient student to teacher ratio! My favorite song is Cherry by Lana Del Rey. 

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe
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Picture of Uzi


Hi! I am a Junior here at Cal State East Bay, majoring in International Studies. I decided to pursue international studies because I want to have the ability to travel wherever I work. My transition to college was a very smooth one due to the amazing support systems like EOP (Equal Opportunity Program) and all my amazing friends I have met here in college. The reason I choose CSUEB was the proximity to San Francisco and other great cities in the Bay Area and as well as the amount of Diversity on campus meaning that I always meet someone new everyday. My favorite quote is “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness” by Tori Kelly. My most played song is “Into You” by Ariana Grande. I love this song because whenever it is on I always jam out to it. I'm studying abroad in Japan right now; I can't wait to meet you when I return!

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