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Academic Internships - Student Instructions

To be eligible for an Internship Course, you must:

  1. Be in good academic standing and not be on academic probation
  2. Have a 2.0 GPA or higher (Major Department May Vary)
  3. Have a job/ internship offer that relates to your major/option (AACE can help)

Note: International / F-1 Visa students: The AACE staff cannot advise you on eligibility. The Center for International Education (CIE) at CSUEB is your official point of contact to determine your eligibility to work off-campus. Once you obtain permission to work off-campus from the CIE and obtain a job or internship, you may enroll in an Internship Course through your major (498 for undergraduates or 698 graduates). Specific majors who offer an internship course may have different requirements.  To be up to date with these requirements, please contact your major department directly. For more information and resources regarding internships visit:

Internships Website

  1. When you obtain a job or internship and wish to enroll in an internship course, contact your major department to enroll in an internship course.  
  2. If your major department does not offer an internship course you may enroll in a General Studies Internship course:
    1. GS 498 Internships (undergraduates)
    2. GS 698 Internships (graduates)
    3. Complete the Student Internship Intake Request Form
  1. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have your site register and complete the Request to Initiate Partnership Form.
  2. After your supervisor completes the Request to Initiate Partnership Form and signs the MOU, you will be able to identify your site on CalStateS4 to complete your placement.
  3. Your site supervisor will be asked to complete a mid-semester and end of semester evaluation.
  4. All work related to the internship course must be completed within the academic term you are enrolled in order to receive a grade.
  5. Keep a copy of your offer letter and any documents signed with your internship site until your grade is posted on your transcript.
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