Virtual Resume Workshop


Thursday's at 2 p.m.

“Resume Development” This workshop will provide key insight and suggestions to help you develop a professional resume. When you take part in this workshop, you will discover helpful points and tips on how to make your resume powerful and relevant. Please click on the Zoom workshop link then load and run Zoom.

                Access Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 729 792 871
Passcode: resume 


Resume Resources

  • Resume Tutorial
    Your resume is typically one of the first points of contact an employer will have with you, follow these simple guidelines to prepare your resume.
  • Target your Resume
    Follow this link for information about how to tailor your resume for the position you are seeking - without writing an entirely new resume every time! The resume bullet is an integral part of your resume - it is one of the key places an employer will look to find out about your work activity, skills, and knowledge. They want results - this document will help you craft your statements to highlight your activity and production.
  • Alternative to Cover Letter
    Consider incorporating one or more of these suggestions, if you can’t submit a cover letter with your online application.
  • List of Action Verbs
    What's a resume without action verbs? Use this list to help form action-oriented and result-oriented statements about your skills and abilities.
  • References
    Always arrive at an interview with a list of references - whether it was asked for or not. This document will help you gather the information you'll need for a potential employer.

Sample Resumes

These samples will give you ideas on format and content. The 'title' of the resume is only used to represent the four colleges, as well as experience level. Any of these can be of help to almost any major, so please take a look at each type. Call (510) 885 - 3621 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor for further assistance on how to tailor your resume to suit your needs.

The Federal Resume