Resumes & Cover Letters



Resume Support

Schedule an appointment with an AACE counselor through Bay Advisor for resume review and assistance.

Virtual Resume Workshop

Scheduled every Thursday at 2 p.m., this Virtual Resume Workshop will provide key insight and suggestions to help you develop a professional resume that is powerful and relevant.

Meeting ID
: 729 792 871
Passcode: resume

Resume Resources

  • Resume TutorialYour resume is typically one of the first points of contact with an employer. Follow this guide to prepare your resume.
  • Target your Resume
    Learn how to tailor your resume for the position you are seeking without writing an entirely new resume every time.
  • Action Verbs
    Use these lists to help form action and result-oriented statements about your skills.
  • Building Your Resume Worksheet
    This fillable guide assists with establishing your resume layout and content
  • Jobscan
    Upload your resume to compare how well it matches to a job description you are applying for

Cover Letters & References

  • Familiarize yourself with 3 Paragraph and 4 Paragraph Cover Letter formats and figure out which one best enables you to market your skillset.
  • Try the ResumeGenius cover letter builder and follow up with your AACE Counselor for feedback
  • Always arrive at an interview with a list of References. This document will help you gather the information you'll need for a potential employer.