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Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) provides services for employers to connect with students, new graduates, and alumni of Cal State East Bay so to recruit capable and diverse candidates for full-time/part-time employment and internship opportunities. There are numerous recruitment and branding services available to impact your organization's hiring needs and goals all while building a strong lasting partnership with Cal State East Bay.

Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) strives to connect employers with Cal State East Bay students from all majors and all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and alumni) for employment and internship opportunities. Our highest priority is ensuring that both students and employers enjoy an equitable and successful recruiting environment. AACE is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and supports its Principles for Ethical Professional Practice


University Recruiting Update

The majority of Cal State East Bay courses will be online through the 2021 fall semester. During this time, the office of Employer Relations will operate remotely. 

For your recruitment needs and connecting with our students and recent graduates, employers are encouraged to utilize the features in Handshake

You could list your hosted virtual events in Handshake. By listing your event, Academic Advising and Career Education could promote it to students and new graduates. Also, you could track the reservations of students and follow up with them after. Some virtual events could be info sessions, office tours, and employee panels.

Please visit Handshake's Virtual Recruiting Toolkit for Employers for recruiting resources. Here you’ll find blogs, tips, tools, and other resources on virtual recruiting.

Virtual Campus Branding Strategies

Participating in career fairs is an extremely effective way for you to recruit on campus. Hundreds of students attend our general and specialty career fairs each year so you could meet a vast number of students and recent graduates in various majors with interest in internships and employment opportunities. These events are ideal for students to explore different employers, careers, and industries, and connect with your representatives. Visit the Career and Internship Fairs page for more information about dates and registration. 

This service allows employers to interview students from all majors during the fall and spring semesters for full-time salaried and paid internship opportunities on the Cal State East Bay Hayward Campus. The process starts in Handshake. Like any other campus recruiting service, submitting your interview schedule date in Handshake at least three months in advance is recommended. This allows students time to submit their resumes, and have the employer review resumes and select who to interview on the scheduled interview date. Until further notice, OCI will be conducted remotely. Students have an option to use campus interview rooms for virtual interviews. 

Information sessions allow employers to conduct presentations or webinars for students to learn about their company culture, hiring procedures, entry-level programs, the application process, career and internship positions, and other employment information. Until further notice, campus information sessions will not be processed during the fall semester. We are encouraging virtual information sessions that you could list through Handshake.

Join our partnership program is being reviewed to reflect changes in recruiting and campus resources. AACE has many ways to help employers promote job and internship openings, build their brand, and access the talent at Cal State East Bay beyond our standard services. The Employer Partnership Program is an exclusive opportunity to maximize your recruiting effectiveness by increasing your campus visibility through various methods.

Recruitment Services

Navigating through the shifting process of university recruiting is changing and continues to be a process. During these challenging times, successful university recruiting will consist of virtual strategies. 

With advance preparation, your organization could produce virtual recruitment events that best meet your hiring needs and schedule, and connects you to a diverse pool of talented individuals at Cal State East Bay. The best place to start is with an approved employer account on Handshake


Cal State East Bay uses the Handshake platform for employers to connect with our students through job postings, information sessions, and career events on campus or virtually. Please note that Handshake accounts are generally approved for most companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies that only offer paid (non-academic) internships or jobs within California and selected states and industries. We do not approve employer accounts from individuals, households, home businesses, or international organizations. We limit approvals for third-party agencies. Approval is at the discretion of Academic Advising and Career Education for the best interest of Cal State East Bay students and graduates. 


Cal State East Bay builds partnerships with employers as internship sites to offer learning experiences for students with the intention of linking academic content to specific career-related work experiences. CalStateS4 is an online platform for employers to manage student internship placements, facilitate learning experiences, acknowledge safety and liability responsibilities, and list internship site information.

Connecting with students requires advance planning and building a strong relationship on campus with academic departments and faculty, student programs, and student organizations. Ways to engage with students could be by arranging virtual activities or presentations and promoting them through Handshake. To learn more about engaging with students contact Academic Advising and Career Education at aace@csueastbay.edu.

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