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AACEtubes consist of seven flat-screen monitors placed strategically around the California State University East Bay campus in high-traffic areas.  The primary purpose of AACEtubes is to promote the services and programs of Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE).  AACEtubes were made possible by a generous gift from The Chevron Corporation.   

In response to requests to post advertisements on AACEtubes, AACE has developed the following policies and fees structure for AACEtubes advertisements.

AACEtubes Policies

  • To defray costs of equipment, maintenance and production AACE will charge clients to post advertisements on AACEtubes.
  • Advertisements will run for a one-week period running Monday through Sunday.
  • Advertisements will be displayed on all seven monitors.
  • Advertisements will be shown up to five times per hour for 30 seconds each cycle.
  • All academic Deans and Directors (ALSS, A&E, Science, Library, UU ) who have given AACE permission to place AACEtubes in their buildings may post one advertisement slide per week at no cost. 
  • Advertisements must be provided seven days prior to posting.
  • Payment must be received prior to an advertisement being posted.  Payments made by check only at this time.
  • AACE reserves the right to approve the content of any advertisement.
  • All advertisements must adhere to all University and AACE policies.

AACEtubes Fees

  • $50 per week, ASI and all official CSU East Bay student organizations
  • $75 per week, All CSU East Bay departments
  • $100 per week, All non-CSU East Bay advertisers
  • $50 per slide, Advertisement design and production fee

AACEtubes Locations

  • Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) waiting area
  • Arts & Education Building
  • Meiklejohn Building  
  • Science Building
  • University Union (Old)
  • University Union (New)
  • University Library

Required slide specifications

  • JPG or BMP 

Required video format

  • WMV format RGB resolution setting at 1360x768
  • No longer than two minutes
  • Must be captioned in order to be 508 compliant 

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Academic Advising and Career Education


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