Career Contacts Directory

These contacts have graciously offered to be a career connection for Cal State East Bay students.  They have been where you are now, and have a lot of good information to share.  Whether you're still exploring majors or researching careers, this network of professionals may be able to help.  Please be respectful and best of luck with your search!

Career Contacts Directory

Michael Woo

Supervisory Special Agent/Recruiting Coordinator
IRS - Criminal Investigation
  • Phone: (408) 817-6909 (office); (510) 715-9235 (cell); (408) 817-6911 (fax)
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Business
  • Job Function: Accounting
  • How I got to do what I do!: I graduated with a bachelor in business/accounting. Invested some time in CPA firm, decided to join IRS as an auditor first but became a Special Agent. Love my work, very dynamic and always challenging and ever changing. Able to use my business degree and learn law enforcement and law to apply in the day to day work life.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration;Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Riece Keck

Equity Research Associate
Bay Street Research
  • Phone: (925)-437-3092
    Degree/Major/School: BS Business Administration, CSU East Bay
  • Job Function: I cover several internet stocks such as Pandora, Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In addition to internet stocks, I also cover the wireless industry and forecast business results as well as conducting channel checks.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I earned my degree from CSUEB in Business Administration with options in finance and business economics. During my undergrad career, I worked in the wireless industry as well as completed two finance internships.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Dawnn Hills

Field Recruiting Specialist
Ameriprise Financial Services
  • Phone: (925) 476-4792
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School:
  • Job Function: Hiring Manager for individuals who would qualify to be Financial Advisors.
  • How I got to do what I do!:
  • Contact me for: Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; I have Career opportunities for MBA candidates and Career Changers in my Walnut Creek & Redwood City locations

Kaylin Tabb

Relationship Manager
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • Phone: (408) 277-6709
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: MBA Finance
  • Job Function: Determine credit worthiness of customers and prospects. Cross-sell applicable financial products such as 401k management, insurance, investment advice, etc.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Networking; Wells Fargo's Credit Management Training Program (CMTP)
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Career Advice

Erin Houston

Audit Manager
  • Phone: (415) 963-5190
  • Degree/Major/School: BS in Business Administration with a concentration inAccounting, CSU East Bay
  • Job Function: Accounting
  • How I got to do what I do!: Being proactive and networking/joining various groups at school.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Eric Lau

Manager of Financial Services
Prudential Financial
  • Phone: (510) 206-3711
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School:    Bachelor of Science
  • Job Function: My daily function is to help my clients reach their financial objective. Whether the objective is asset protection, wealth preservation or wealth accumulation, we try to satisfy the need. Consultations are not limited to cash flow analysis, insurances, investments, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I became successful in this career with lots of hard work and continuing education. The learning never stops in this career as you will need to stay updated with current markets and constant education of different tools and strategies where youc an help your clients. Ultimately this is a sales role that is very rewarding personally and monetarily.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Allen Allaman

Analyst, Decision Science
Universal McCann
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing/Entrepreneurship/Honors Program, CSU East Bay
  • Job Function: Tracking effectiveness of digital media campaigns and working with Media Planners to make real time strategic adjustments to optimize performance.  Lots of excel and mathematic problem solving, coordination of analytics reporting for 5 global markets.  Ranked as AdWeeks #1 Media Agency in the US, 2009.  Main clients: Microsoft, Wells Fargo, GM, Charles Schwab, Xbox, Loreal.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I had a 4.0 at CSUEB and worked hard to differentiate myself from other students. I was competing for positions with students from Berkeley and Stanford, not to mention ivory leaguers from out of state. 2009 was a bad year to find a job and it took me 10 months of looking before I got a position. I wrote about 45 custom resumes and cover letters, made specifically for each separate position. In the end, I got a referral from a supervisor from my internship and was coached for the interview. It worked, but then I was placed in a job that I didn’t know how to do. For the first few painful months you either have to sink or swim. Now I am working on the Windows 7 and IE8 advertising accounts and am developing a proficiency in social media metrics.

Tenesa Ellis

Public Relations/Marketing Intern
What's for Work?
  • Phone: 925 216-3564
  • Degree/Major/School:  Communications-Media Production
  • Job Function: I am currently a  public relations/marketing intern at What's for Work?  an online employment community created for women consisting of  a multitude of services such as resume help, interviewing worksheets and various community workshops, along with experts to help facilitate women first entering or re-entering the workforce. I am responsible for creating engaging marketing copy for diverse market segments.  I am also responsible for market research. The best advice I can give is learn how to effectively brand yourself and learn how to create dynamic resumes with an online presence, linkedin, online portfolio, blog, etc. Most importantly, when selling yourself to a future employer  be sure to utlize statistical measurable results, meaning use figures and data to demonstrate what you have accomplished.  Also, do research prior to your interview or inquiry. A lot of this knowledge was/is being reinforced to me during my internship at What's for Work? Lastly, try your hardest to secure an internship before graduation.  Put the theory you have learned to practice.  You never know what you will learn! Find me at What's for Work?, send me a link request after filling out information about yourself and your accomplishments and setting up your account--don't forget a profile picture!
  • How I got to do what I do: At East Bay, I was originally, an English major but switched to Communications-media production, in order to expand my skill-set before graduation.  My goal was to brush up on my technology skills, learn different software. e.g.  Adobe Creative Suite, social media writing and different operating systems.  Employers will pay a premium for workers that are technologically savvy!
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Ravi Mistry

Alum: CSUEB & Stanford University

  • Phone: 408.510.2310
  • Degree/Major/School: MBA/Fin/CSUEB
  • Job Function: Business Operations
  • How I got to do what I do: Ravi Mistry is a leader, entrepreneur, investor, educator and mentor. His professional career has spanned several industries, including life sciences, technology, non-profits, and academics, in various capacities as Founder, Board Chairman/Director, President, Vice President, Sr. Director, Manager, and Adjunct Professor.  He brings operational experience covering all areas of business operations, especially for start-up companies: Finance, Legal and IP, HR Management, Global Operations, and Corporate Administration. He has managed closing of Seed, Series A/B funding totaling over $35M.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Career Advice

Adrian Martinez

Talent Acquisition Specialist/HR Generalist
Telecare Corporation
  • Industry: Human Resources & Labor Relations
  • Phone: 510-461-0910
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School: BS/HR Management/CSUEB
  • Job Function: I work in the HR department for a Mental Health Care Company. I am part of the recruitment team, as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. My company, Telecare Corporation, has many programs/facilities across the country. I am assigned a region, and in charge of recruiting to fill all open positions in my region using full cycle recruiting. I also am currently filling in as the HR Generalist while the regular one is out on leave. Main duties in this role include conducting new hire orientation, processing any leave paperwork, conducting exit interviews, organizing employee files, and helping conduct investigations.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice: 

Matru Kiran Adibhatla

Director IT PMO
Sun Power, Inc.
  • Phone: 408-722-0794
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: MBA Cal State East Bay
  • Job Function: I help with yearly Strategic process for corporate strategy and IT. I also do IT Portfolio and project management. Additionally I do Management Consulting, talks, trainings and workshops.
  • How I got to do what I do: Focus, dedication, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Contact me for: Informational Interviews and Career Advice

Joseph West

Trust Analyst
Wells Fargo Bank
  • Phone: 562-528-3745
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: Business Administration emphasis in Finance
  • Job Function: Responsible for reviewing agency, custody, simple IRA and simple trust accounts to ensure compliance with internal company requirements and/or government regulations.  Functions may include:  Evaluating new account packages to ensure company standards are met; ensuring corrective action on exceptions and problems; providing guidance to internal partners regarding documentation requirements; ensuring required data is input to appropriate system for tracking and recording; performing audit review of the new account and summarizing results; may mitigate risk by raising potential administrative issues and work with internal partners, risk management and legal to resolve and/or recommend standards, policies, and procedures to improve process and on going account administration.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I was recruited by Timothy Silva my senior year, to move from World Savings Bank to Wells Fargo Bank.  After working in a retail branch in Berkeley, CA as a Personal Banker.  I transferred to Long Beach to join the WMG Group.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Allie Glogovac

Client Relations & HR Representative
All-Star Swim School, LLC
  • Phone:  925-351-5053
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School:    Communications
  • Job Function: Implements human resources programs by providing human resources services, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records management, safety and health, succession planning, employee relations and retention, AA/EEO compliance, and labor relations; completing personnel transactions. Develops human resources solutions by collecting and analyzing information; recommending courses of action. Improves manager and employee performance by identifying and clarifying problems; evaluating potential solutions; implementing selected solution; coaching and counseling managers and employees. Completes special projects by clarifying project objective; setting timetables and schedules; conducting research; developing and organizing information; fulfilling transactions. Manages client expectations by communicating project status and issues; resolving concerns; analyzing time and cost issues; preparing reports. Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential. Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. Enhances department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments. Responsible for the sourcing, screening, hiring and on-boarding process for all new employees. Work with clients to match their needs and the business needs. Engage in social media and marketing events. Manage social media pages and provide feedback on marketing strategy 
  • How I got to do what I do: I worked at a company in an entry level role, then I took everything that I learned over a 2 year span and applied for a position doing what I love. I landed the job on my interview and have been the happiest I have ever been.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Grace Chung

Computer Systems and Business Analyst
Public Works Agency
  • Phone: 510-921-9078
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: MBA Finance & Accounting Cal State East Bay; MS Management Technology Golden Gate University
  • Job Function: IT development cycle - user requirements, system analysis, construction, implementation, testing, and quality control. Business analysis - financial investment and accounting.
  • How I Got to do what I do: 1.  Learn hard and be good in field that I am interested. 2.  Fine tune and update my resume. 3.  Upload my resume to Caljobs web site.  In my opinion, this is a very reliable and informative web site. 4.  Apply online to those posted jobs via the site. 5.  At the same time, keep reading newspaper every day for job opportunities. 6.  Actualize every interview that interests going real life interviews -  start from the bottom of my selected opportunity until I feel comfortable to go for my first choice. 7.  I  collect interview opportunities by calling up companies that are advertising hiring positions on the newspaper.  This is the fastest way in my job hunting experiences.
  • Contact Me For: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Sally Bennet

IT Initiatives Coordinator
Franchise Tax Board/State of California
  • Phone: (916) 845-3823
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Attended CSU Sacramento in Data Processing, Graduated from MTI College in Computer Operations
  • Job Function: Coordinate the departments IT initiatives for recruitment, workforce planning, exam planning and coordinating the new IT exams and classifications.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I started my State of California career in 1972 with the Franchise Tax Board as a Key Data Operator. I was attending college and only planning on working with the state for a few months. What I found was a wonderful career. I have done a variety of work from supervisor, programmer, analyst, lead, system architect, project manager, database administrator, systems tester, system test manager......Administrator II and so many other positions. I am currently the IT initiatives coordinator which a portion of my time is spent on recruitment for our IT classifications.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Matthew Herz

  • Phone: (415) 203-1997
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Education, University of Vermont
  • Job Function: CEO
  • How I got to do what I do!: Started my own business
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Stan Pisle

Senior Technical Director
  • Phone: 925-867-6358
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Computer Science
  • Job Function: Director of software development for AT&T enterprise speech based voice response systems.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Basic degree in Computer Science for entry level.  Movement up the management chain was through experience.  Extensive background in writing and public speaking was a major contributor.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Career Advice

Roberto Hernandez Jr.

Sr. Manager
  • Phone: (408)-936-4538
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School: 
  • Job Function: Sr. Manager at Juniper Networks
  • How I got to do what I do:
    Contact me for: 
    Career Exploration: Informational Interviews: Job Opportunities: Career Advice

Jonathan Greer

Owner and Manager
Sandbox Ventures LLC
  • Phone: (786)-427-9860
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School: N.V. and S.B.M : B.S.
  • Job Function: Sell internet platform named Impact Engine, Inc. to local media companies worldwide.
  • How I got to do what I do: Tabernacle Tigers, Concord Minutemen, Los Medanos, D.V.C., S.F. State, CSU Hayward (Ceremony), CSU East Bay, CSU Computer lab (Unix, Telnet, DOS, Perl), YouTube (Dr. Henry Cloud), U.P.S.Pacheco, CA., Englund's Catering Service, L.B. Foster Company, F5 Networks (Seattle, WA.), Juniper Networks (Sunnyvale, CA.) Chairman also Alum, Sandbox Ventures LLC (Miami, FL), The Grove Spot, Coconut Grove, Impact Engine, Inc., is San Diego State, Master Degree and IP Holder of multiple USPTO Patents.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Kacie Padilla

Regional Recruiter
Fastenal Company
  • Phone: (209) 548-5020
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Business Administration (Emphasis: Management and Marketing) from Fresno Pacific University
  • Job Function: Recruiting and Retaining Employees
  • How I got to do what I do!: Worked really hard
  • Contact me for: As a secondary to Marty Jones (District Manager)- Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Geza Paulovits

Eric F. Anderson, Inc.
  • Phone: (510) 430-8404
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School:  MBA (Accounting Option) CSUEB
  • Job Function: CEO
  • How I got to do what I do: worked through college
  • Contact me for: Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Giannina Murphy

Recruitment Manager
Caliber Schools
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: BA Economics - Tulane University
  • Job Function: I work as a recruiter for Caliber Schools. We are a start-up charter school organization with K-8th grade schools in Richmond and Vallejo. My primary job responsibilities include: - building relationships with School Leaders to understand their staffing needs - Manage recruitment for the Caliber Teaching Residency pilot program - sourcing, recruiting and hiring school based staff, primarily K-8th teachers - Support in retention efforts of school teams - Oversee credentialing compliance with our Head of HR
  • How I got to do what I do: I worked as a literacy interventionist and SpED teacher in a charter school in New Orleans for 3 years. When I relocated to the Bay Area, I knew I wanted to get onto the HR-side of schools in order to see the education reform movement from a different angle. I absolutely love my job! I spend a lot of time talking with prospective teachers, as well as current school leaders and staff. It's fascinating to see how the puzzle pieces of an organization fit together, and finding the best-fit candidate for that role. My work is incredibly important because I strongly believe that all students deserve exceptional teachers. Lastly, my work is never stagnant. There is never a dull moment in this work!
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Joseph Abraham

  • Phone: 925-683-9474
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: MBA - Cal State East Bay
  • Job Function: Co-Founder, CEO
  • How I got to do what I do:
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Emerald Templeton

Career Services Specialist
UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare
  • Phone: 510-643-9043
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School: BA, Human Development '06
  • Job Function: Direct Career and Professional Development for the School of Social Welfare. Responsible for planning , developing, and implementing programs, activities, counseling, and advising focused on the career development of MSWs and PhDs.
  • How I got to do what I do: After graduating from CSUEB, I worked a few years in the social services arena for the Alameda County Public Defender's Dependency Division. I was able to apply the human development background to counseling and advocating for my clients which lead me to pursuing an MS, Counseling from SFSU. Passionate about career development and Higher Education I took several positions in career centers and admissions offices on university campuses. I am now able to merge my experiences and skills into a position in which I am providing career development support to student pursuing careers in human and social services.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Career Advice

Beth Au

California Community Colleges Registry
  • Phone: (800) 245-4157
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Accepts all majors
  • Job Function: Faculty, administrative management and support staff positions
  • How I got to do what I do!:
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Career Advice

Johanna Dempsey

High School Science Teacher
Analy High School
  • Phone: (707) 484-5137
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School:
  • Job Function: Teach
  • How I got to do what I do!: I got my BS degree and then my teaching credential from SSU.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Information Interviews; Career Advice

Lesle Soriano-Cervantes

Lane Community College
  • Phone: (541) 463-5512
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Masters in Counseling and Higher Education
  • Job Function: Career, Personal, Academic Counselor and Psycho-Educational Instructor
  • How I got to do what I do!: I did an internship at CSUEB in the EOP Office for 2 years as an advisor and later a counselor; and a 1 year internship as a Therapist for battered women and children at Children Hospital in Oakland.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Information Interviews; Career Advice; Interest in how to get into the counseling field in higher education

Glen Ottinger

Materials Engineer
  • Phone: 510-303-7263
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School: BS in Materials Science and Engineer at Penn State
  • Job Function: Manage processes and operation of equipment. I also dabble in technical sales and customer service with my focus being in quality. My role also includes special projects that increase efficiency of the company and expand competencies. 
  • How I got to do what I do!: I am a 3rd generation steel worker, but I majored in Materials Science and Engineering.The combination of experience, including working for IBM, allowed me to obtain my current role. 
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice   

Rita S. Akpan

Benefit Authorizer, Legal Analyst
Social Security Administration
  • Phone: (510) 970-2297
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Political Science, California State University, Hayward
  • Job Function: I analyze and update Social Security records. Any information that needs to be corrected will be corrected by me as well.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Social Security was recruiting at the Career Fair at CSU East Bay (formally known as CSU Hayward)
  • Contact me for: Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Mary Lavelle

City Clerk
City of Milpitas, CA
  • Phone: (408) 586-3001
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: MPA
  • Job Function: Legislative administrator and records manager for city government, including Passport Acceptance program admin.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Served as Deputy Clerk for another city while pursuing MPA.
  • Contact me for: Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Haleh Pezeshkan

Northern Therapy Group, Inc.
  • Phone: 925-818-136
  • Degree/Major/School: M.S., CCC-SLP
  • Job Function: Speech Language Pathology Clinical Director and Supervisor
  • How I got to do what I do: I took an intro course in Speech-Language Pathology in 2002 at University of the Pacific and fell in love with the field of Speech Pathology.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Lynda Hounshell

East Bay ABA
  • Phone: 510-999-4410
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School: MA Special Ed/Queen's College
  • Job Function: I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I work primarily with children on the autism spectrum. My company, East Bay ABA, provides behavioral services to children and families struggling with behavioral issues stemming from a diagnosis of autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD-NOS. I am also a special education teacher. I've worked in the field for over 10 years and have taught elementary aged through to junior high aged children with autism in self-contained and special day classes. We provide in-home services to help change problem behavior and teach new skills that are functional in the home and community setting. We work with families to find the best method of addressing their specific concerns and may use discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching, or Verbal Behavior. Center-based services are coming soon. Our in-home behavioral services are tailored to your unique needs. Each child is different and the skills they possess are unique, as well. We focus on skills such as functional language and activities of daily living. We also provide the following services: *Advocacy *Social Skills Group *Parent Training *Spanish-speaking BCBA and BT
  • Contact me for: Job Opportunities 

Daniel L Romero

Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Stanford Healthcare
  • Phone: 5102992806
  • Degree/Major/School: Microbiology/ CSUH
  • Job Function: Performs a wide range of medical laboratory tests used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Using technical knowledge and a theoretical understanding of the basis of the tests, records and validates the accuracy and quality of results to ensure conformity to specifications. 
  • How I got to do what I do!: After completing my degree in Microbiology at CSUH I began working in the biotechnology industry for about 1 year. After that I began working in a clinical laboratory setting as a laboratory assistant. With this knowledge base and work experience I then entered into the Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) training program at San Jose State University. After completing the one year program and obtaining my CLS licence, I obtained work at Stanford Hospital in the Virology department.  
  • Contact me for: Career Advice

Melanie Firpo

Employment Manager
ValleyCare Health System
  • Phone: (925) 373-4045
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Bachelors Degree Psychology from San Jose State University
  • Job Function: Recruitment, Employee Relations, Policy Review, Compensation Analysis
  • How I got to do what I do!: Started in retail as department manager, transitioned to HR. Left the workforce for 7 years when I had a baby, and then returned to work in the staffing industry. Transitioned after about 5 years back into Human Resources.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Sakie Morioka

Health Diagnostics
  • Phone: (510) 865-9670
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: MBA, Accounting and Finance
  • Job Function: Accounting, Finance, Budget, Forecasting and Purchasing are the main areas.  Be repsonsible for financials for six business segments and do a financial review with investors of two joint ventures on a quarterly basis and do financial analysis on M&A activities.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Being an international student is not easy, but stay focused and plan ahead with clear vision and objectives.  99% of hardwork and 1% of luck has led me to what I do.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Angie Romasanta

Registered Nurse
El Camino Hospital
  • Phone: 408-859-5924
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School:  Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Master's of Public Administration
  • Job Function: I work for cardiovascular nursing. I care for patients using nursing process and applied holistic nursing as well.
  • How I got to do what I do: Each journey begins with a single step. In choosing a career, it is important to consider  what is that you are passionate about and make it a reality. It requires focus, determination, sacrifices, and discipline to pull through many obstacles you will run into on your way to fulfilling your career choice. I did exactly that. Each individual need is different. If I can do it in spite of family obligations and financial needs, you can too. There are resources available to those who qualify.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Jonathan Ruiz

Practice Director
Lighthouse Management Group
  • Phone: 408-579-6200
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School: Bachelor of Science, Business Management, University of Phoenix
  • Job Function: Helping graduates start a career path in the healthcare industry.
  • How I got to do what I do: I always wanted to help people in every possible way. So besides saving lives in the medical field, I went into the changing lives career. It is pretty rewarding to help others find the right career path so they themselves can change lives as well.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Pam Lodge

Bay Area Property Manager
Farmers Insurance
  • Phone: (714) 585-5644
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Bachelor of Science/Marketing/Arizona State Job
  • Job Function: Manager
  • How I got to do what I do!:
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Jeanne Allen

Special Agent
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Phone: (415) 436-7814
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: B.S.- Criminal Justice and M.S. - HR Management
  • Job Function: Special Agent-Criminal Investigator and Recruitment Coordinator
  • How I got to do what I do!: I was hired after I graduated with my Bachelor's degree and I have been a Special Agent for 27 years. It is a great career and offers many opportunities for advancement in the United States and in over 80 foreign posts.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Benjamin Flores

U.S. Probation Officer Specialist
U.S. Probation Office, Northern District of California
  • Phone: (408) 535-5213
  • Degree/Major/School: B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, Option in Corrections, with minor in Sociology, Cal. State Hayward, March 1988; M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, Option in Corrections, San Jose State, May 1992
  • Job Function: I am a presentence investigation specialist, who prepares presentence reports for federal court
  • How I got to do what I do!: I started my career as a group counselor at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall in August 1988; In December 1988 I was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer; in September 1991, I was hired by the U.S. Probation Office, where I have been for almost 17 years.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice; Possible Internships

Ryan Cantrell

Hayward Police Department
  • Phone: 510-293-7000
  • E-mail:
    Degree/Major/School:  BS - Criminal Justice Administration
  • Job Function:  I've worked in law enforcement for nearly 17 years, and started just after I completed my course work in 1996.  I've been a 911 Operator, Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Recruiter, Field Training Officer, Vice/Intelligence Detective and currently work as a Patrol Sergeant in charge of the development and leadership of a patrol squad.
  • How I got to do what I do: I got involved in law enforcement as an intern at the CSU-Hayward Police Department in 1992.  I GOT HOOKED from there.  After graduation I was hired by the CSU-Hayward PD as a dispatcher, then later promoted to police officer for 2 and a half years.  I lateraled over to the City of Hayward Police Department in 2003.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my career and can contribute my education from CSU-Hayward as building block to my success.  I've published a book on Human Trafficking and won various awards in my career.  I know that my experience as a CSUH Student and employee of the university would benefit any potential a alumni seeking a career in law enforcement!
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration, Informational Interviews, Job Opportunities, Career Advice

Camila Cave

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
  • Degree/Major/School:Diablo Valley College
  • Job Function:Day to day routine is really based off what type of child a therapist is working with. It is really all about teaching the children that come to the clinics new things, like how to name animals, tie shoes and how to clean up after themselves. Center for Autism and Related Disorders concentrates on teaching functional life skills and communication to children with Autism so they have an easier time communicating with others and being able to function with others in society.
  • How I got to do what I do:I was walking around my campus one day when I came across a mini job fair that was just all about CARD. I currently didn't have a job but I knew for sure that I wanted to work with children but there wasn't a whole lot of nanny or babysitting jobs around me so I came forward to learn more about CARD. I absolutely fell in love with the company right away and knew that I wanted to not only look after children but to also make an impact on their lives. ALso, the fact that I could move up the company at my pace was nice as well. Since getting hired, I have formed a special connection with the children that I have worked with, Today, I still work with children and I also recruite more possible candiatates for the company. The person that I met the day I found out about the company was a recruiter and if it wasn't for him, I would have never found out about this amazing company.
  • Contact me for:Career Exploration, Informational interviews, job opportunities, Career Advice

Laurel Potter Huerta

Project Manager
Women Donors Network
  • Phone: 650-464-8319
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: BA in English and Spanish
  • Job Function: Manage special projects for a network of progressive philanthropists, primarily in the areas of communications and technology. I also manage our internship program, which focuses on providing meaningful professional development opportunities to college students, typically in the area of social media and communications support.
  • How I got to do what I do: I started working at the Women Donors Network in a temporary capacity while I was finishing graduate studies. I envisioned myself working in the field of education, and had spent a number of years working and studying abroad. I discovered that I really liked working in a nonprofit environments, and an opportunity to stay on at my organization was offered to me, and I've been there ever since. I wear a lot of different hats, have honed expertise in nonprofit communications and technology, and I especially enjoy working with our internship program.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Gary Chow

Community Director
American Cancer Society
  • Phone: (650) 578-9902
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: MPH/Public Health Education/UC Berkeley
  • Job Function: Health Educator, Trainer, Operations Administrator
  • How I got to do what I do: Served in many health organizations in various volunteer capacities, was trained in the skills needed to perform my duties, then was hired because of my performance as a volunteer.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Shatae Jones Alofoje

Social Worker/ Site Coordinator
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Phone: (415)-346-1672
  • E-mail:
  • Degree/Major/School:  Social Work
    Contact me for:
     Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Robert Marcus

Director Of Operations
Boys and Girls Clubs of Marin
  • Phone: 707-769-5322 Ext. 17
    Degree/Major/School: Recreation
  • Job Function: I oversee 11 Boys and Girls Clubs program sites and athletic programs across two counties in the North Bay.
  • How I got to do what I do: I obtained my degree in Recreation Management while working for a local Park and Recreation Department. I then started working for community non-profit organizations.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Fred Biletnikoff Jr.

General Manager/Head Football Coach
Central Valley Coyotes
  • Phone: 559-263-9780 ext. 126
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: BS/Kinesiology/CSU East Bay (Hayward), MA/Kinesiology/CSU Fresno
  • Job Function: Oversee all aspects of a professional arena football team.  Marketing, media/public relations, player contracts, workers comp, team travel, payroll, coaching, recruiting players... You name it and I do it!
  • How I got to do what I do!: 2004 I was an Assistant Coach when the Head Coach was terminated and I was promoted. In 2006, I was promoted to GM and have held the position since. Prior to my time here I coached 2 years of HS football and 12 years at the JC level, including 6 years at Chabot. I have coached 21 different football teams, 7 at the professional level. I manage a million dollar budget and am well versed in sports administration and marketing.I teach part-time in the Kinesiology Dept. at CSU Fresno I would love to give back to my alumni CSUEB anyway I can.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Jonathan Fleming

Real Estate Broker
Jonathan Fleming & Associates
  • Phone: 510-250-0946
  • Email:
    Degree/Major/School: Bachelor of Science - Business Administration, CSU East Bay
  • Job Function: I run a management firm that caters to residential and apartment management. I help people buy and sell residential and commercial real estate.
  • How I got to do what I do: I graduated from Cal State East Bay in 1995. I worked in sales for technology firms and eventually gravitated towards real estate after being interested in it for many years. I got my real estate broker's license and the rest is history.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Joe Sunderman

General Manager
Cintas Corp
  • Phone: 510-723-6190
    Degree/Major/School: MBA/University of Cincinnati
  • Job Function: I am the General Manager for Cintas Corporation's First Aid & Safety operations in the Bay Area.  This includes servicing our existing customer base and developing new business.  I handle all financial analysis, reporting, and forecasting.  One of my most important roles as GM is to build and retain an excellent team of professionals.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Cintas recruited me out of business school.  I have been with the company for 10 years.  By consistently delivering excellent operational and financial results my career path has expanded and grown within the company.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Carolyn Garcia, CWC

Regional Catering Sales Director
Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center
  • Phone: (925) 719-7581
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, California State University, Hayward and Wedding Consultant Certificate Program (CWC), California State University, Hayward, Extended Education Program
  • Job Function: Oversee all Catering Sales Directors at all 8 properties across the state of California; implement new sales procedures/guidelines; training of new hires; support of management team; assist with events/sales etc.
  • How I got to do what I do!: Successfully completing my business degree as well as the Wedding Consultant Certificate Program. I was brought on to work with Joyce Scardina-Becker (Professor of the Wedding Consultant Certificate Program) as an intern and eventually hired on at her company (Events of Distinction, SF.) as an assistant, working side by side in the industry on event management and planning.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice

Robin Reshwan

Collegial Staffing
  • Phone: 925-818-2280
  • Email:
  • Degree/Major/School: BA International Relations
  • Job Function: I have been an executive in the recruiting/staffing/placement services industry for 15 years.  I have launched and managed multimillion dollar staffing services for global companies.  I now run my own business where I work with college graduates on career preparation and job placement.
  • How I got to do what I do!: I met an impressive recruiter when I was a new college graduate.  Although I went to her to find a position, I liked her so much that when she offered me a job with her company, I accepted.  I have been in this industry ever since.  My positions have ranged from placing people in jobs, training staff on corporate technology initiatives, managing branches and regions, launching new service lines and now starting my own business.
  • Contact me for: Career Exploration; Informational Interviews; Job Opportunities; Career Advice