Guidelines to Scheduling AACE Services

Welcome Faculty!

We are delighted you are interested in incorporating the services of AACE into your curriculum! Counselors are available for classroom presentations (from 5 minutes to 90 minutes), group assessments, and practice interviews (usually done in AACE in groups up to 5 per session, or in your classroom). Here are a few guidelines to insure that your students will get the best service year round:

  1. Contact AACE prior to giving an extra credit assignment or including an AACE service as a requirement on your syllabus. Call 510.885.3621 or email, letting us know what type of services you have in mind, possible dates and number of students. We would be happy to make recommendations for accommodating all of your students.
  2. Students should be encouraged to visit AACE throughout the quarter to complete their assignments. The end of the quarter can be hectic in AACE; therefore, we need to plan carefully so your students can complete their assignments in a timely manner. It is especially helpful to work with AACE to create an assignment deadline schedule that requires groups of students to visit AACE at specific intervals throughout the quarter to avoid last-minute rushes at the end of the quarter.
  3. If you require your students to complete a practice interview in AACE, you must agree to use AACE's in-house evaluation form and to grant credit based upon participation in a practice interview and not upon performance in the practice interview. Because the learning process of the practice interview experience is far more valuable than student performance, student grades should not be based on how the AACE counselor ranks them on the evaluation form.
  4. All requests for course-related collaborations with AACE will be subject to approval of the Director and counselor availability.