Shared Strategic Commitments

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Cal State East Bay takes pride in its eight shared strategic commitments, which express the university’s values and aspirations:

  1. Reinforce academic quality through open-minded inquiry, innovative teaching, engaged learning, and distinguished scholarship
  2. Enhance our inclusive campus, responding to the backgrounds and interests of our diverse community and promoting their academic, professional and personal development
  3. Serve students first, by expanding access and enhancing each student’s educational experience and prospects for success as a graduate and life-long learner
  4. Foster a vibrant community through enriched student services and student life that support student engagement and learning
  5. Contribute to a sustainable planet through our academic programs, university operations, and individual behavior
  6. Continuously improve our efficiency, transparency, and accountability while practicing mutual respect, responsiveness, and collaboration across the University
  7. Support the civic, cultural, and economic life of all communities in the regions we serve through partnerships that promote education and social responsibility
  8. Demonstrate our continuing record of leadership and innovation in higher education, focused on 21st-century skills, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)